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Nu a film analysis

This article will probably be more of a film analysis than a movie review.The beginning is the end.Echoing the real ending, the nuance is a metaphor for the duality and uncertainty of the story’s direction, but in fact it also shows the doomed tragedy of human nature. Regardless of the ending, what ultimately crushes and kills the man are the emotions associated with the woman.Guilt, resentment, or fear of her.

The whole film is actually very understandable.

All the scenes and props are almost all externalized and materialized manifestations of the characters’ inner emotions.

You say it is full of metaphors, but in fact many of the so-called metaphors actually do not have a clear ontology and metaphor.

Various prop elements are repeated, mirror, bathtub, water, desert, corridor.

The film as a whole presents a stingy and even harsh attitude.

It refuses to waste time to explain, no extra light, no extra lines, no extra positioning and performance, not even willing to waste the camera to give the actors facial close-ups. In the use of the camera and transition editing is so straightforward and can even be said to be barbaric.

In the use of mirrors for the perspective of the few shots, as well as the entire film in the lens of the scene, the movement actually show a strong academic style (except for editing), but is such a pantomime as sharp as a knife do not do anything superfluous film can finally shoot this as if the taste of experimental avant-garde films, but also really very pioneering.

I don’t know where the synopsis of this movie came from on Douban, but it actually appeared “Suddenly a hand can do something no hand has done before and lips something no lips have ever done. “This is a sensational statement. But the fact is, I don’t know, my personal interpretation of the film and its seems to have quite a big difference.

First of all, the wedding.

The scene is not said, can be understood, the church materialized as the basic configuration of this space, all the people watching the ceremony, family members and even the general social environment, in the context of this film are not required to be described elements, was materialized as part of the environment.

The man who follows the woman turns back many times and looks back.

Then the camera made a 180° angle change of view, apparently the way to and from the empty.

“Touching – kissing” this group of actions appeared more than once throughout the film, including the beginning and end of the bedside is actually similar to the same group of actions. This also includes the very special finger from the tip of the nose across the lips to the chin gesture, appearing alone. Like the male protagonist a unique way to express love, cowardly, point to the end, not persistent.

The latter part can actually be said to be very common, to borrow the synopsis on the film’s homepage, is that they are married to OXX results in the man found that he really can not OXX to the woman (a small detail is that his first hand touching the woman’s breasts and then he went soft – only reference) the woman went to bed and then went away to jump into the river (wrong). In fact, the so-called metaphorical techniques used in the whole film to read it here means that the woman cried two and three suicides how is to make themselves very miserable and then the man could not bear to save the woman back directly to do the right thing you Ya is not want to be fucked it fuck finished can let me go, so the man from the woman down very aggrieved on the side of the leg sleep, so the woman was pregnant.

Corridor first appeared.

Each time the corridor appears with the background sound that appears with a subtle transition, deliberately reminiscent of a baby’s cry. And then as the camera pushes forward, the ambient space in the reverberation delay is modified to simulate the sound source as the camera advances closer to the audience. The sound that finally emerges is clearly not the cry of a child, but a shrill, regular, unexplained noise that appears over and over again, as if it were a metaphor for the harsh and chilling hiss of the people who are repressed beneath the facade of life and society.

The woman is pregnant and the man submerges himself in a bathtub full of water in another room.

A stifling feeling of being wrapped up in the entire external environment and not being able to move, a life that you want to throw away but cannot. The frustration and loss and the avoidance of the future.

The objectification of emotions.

The whole scene is shot in one shot, the duration is not very long, what should be explained are explained, the movement is all very steady, very steady, this “steady” and “quiet” subconsciously conveys to the audience a slightly indifferent sense of objective perspective.

When the child is born, the man carries a bouquet of flowers to see the woman and child.The man holding the newborn baby moved, the cry is obviously more normal and less heartbreaking than the one that appeared after. After all, the birth of a new life is always very empowering and hopeful.

But then the mirror on the wall above the bed clearly reflected the figure of another man.

In fact, after reading the beginning and then look at the man in a retrospective way when he was young, you definitely know that he had a man in that life, so you see him get married and have children and finally see the second man in this film must not be surprised.

This is also where I differ from the interpretation written on the home page movie synopsis.

The synopsis means that the man appeared only after the hero got married, and he found out he liked men.

But the normal development of the story should not be – the two men together, but one of the men can not carry the firm married to have children to go, the results of the children were born wife had thought they could tether the husband the results but let the husband annoyed, so remembered the ex-boyfriend, so the ex-boyfriend appeared, so the husband ran the wife broke down. In fact the subsequent development is also the case. The wife broke down and killed the child, the husband then understood that he could not go back across the door of the psychiatric ward to reminisce about those still beautiful past a turn to continue to engage with male friends, and finally we are old, we are not together.

Say a detail to support this timeline above.

After the man fled his family and walked into the lake to submerge himself, the camera switches to two men getting out of the car to go to a cabin in the woods. This paragraph is commonly known as the reality of the pressure is too much and then cheated.

There is an inserted shot of two men wearing white shirts squatting under a tree kissing. White shirts, more youthful than the suit at this time, then interpreted as when they were young is not too much.

So, apparently they got together a long time ago.

Well, in fact, this article most want to write is the above point, sometimes inexplicable obsession came to block can not be stopped. The visual and audio language and the work of the psychoanalysis of this part will not say, how to repeat the total is a word this film is very sharp, knife sharp, do not do superfluous things.

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