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Retfærdighedens ryttere Reconcile with yourself after the sound of gunfire

First of all, this is a comedy film.Secondly, it is a revenge film.And then secondly, it is a propaganda film that calls for everyone to focus on mental health.Everyone in the movie has more or less their own personality disorder, which even makes people wonder if the gloomy Nordic weather or Neanderthal genes have led to such a high incidence of mental illness.Returning from Iraq, the old horse, who has a severe tendency to violence, does not know how to communicate with his adolescent daughter. Faced with his wife’s tragic death, he needs a true image to take revenge, so as to relieve his inner guilt for not being able to accompany his wife, and to do his duty as a husband and father in the midst of gunfire.

However, his daughter did not understand his behavior. To him, his father was a violent man who had suffered from war. Beating people up was his profession and a vice he could not change. So she had to tell her little boyfriend.

For the old horse to provide this “truth” are three geeks: Otto, Eamon and Leo. They are good at logical probability, face recognition and crack system. In a series of coincidences, Otto witnessed the tragic death of the old horse’s wife. Out of guilt for the living, he locates the suspects of the tragedy based on his reasoning and the results of Rayo’s system cracking: the big brother of the Justice Knight’s gang – Old Coop and his brother, Little Coop. According to the reasoning, they both planned the train accident in order to murder the renegade gangster’s little brother, and Lao Ma’s wife was officially one of the innocent victims of this accident.

Knowing the truth, the old horse is like a wind-up clock, began to carry out his revenge journey with precision. In the nimble wringing of necks and crisp trigger sound, the old horse smoothly took out the snapping Kou and most of the gang’s surviving forces, not to celebrate, the old horse and three otaku man only to find that they chose the wrong target of revenge.

The train tragedy was not a conspiracy behind it, as Otto had reasoned. The original thought to be an important suspect Kotaku later found out that at that time did not return to the country. Three otaku man deduced that the brothers seamless crime process, like a coincidence stacked out of the glass box, seemingly perfect but a touch broken.

The old horse and three otaku men are in a deep disappointment and self-recrimination. However, the loss of troops and the loss of the brother of the old Coop how willing to give up. At the end of the film, Lao Ku, with his gang’s remaining gunmen, went to Lao Ma’s house and abducted Lao Ma’s daughter and her young boyfriend. Old Ma had to meekly lay down his arms and surrender. However, the three geeks and their revenge on the way to save the Ukrainian moustache a total of four people God’s army, in a burst of flying fire after the shooting, the old horse successfully killed all the gang members. But unfortunately, the gang’s big brother Lao Ku before he died did not understand, what is the reason that led to the unknown veteran veteran horse caught them dead beat?

What is the reason? Is it because the gang usually do a lot of evil? Or is it because of Xiao Ku’s disrespectful words? Or is it because the three geeks are smart?


In fact, a lot of shit happens you can not find the reason. Like the wife of the old horse, why must be on that train? Like drunken Otto, why must take his daughter to drive? Like old Coop’s brother, why must he look so similar to the Egyptian roadie?

There is no reason. There is no reason for life’s fortunes and misfortunes. You may be dancing around tomorrow because you won $10 million, or you may be at your wits’ end because your boss sacked you. We can’t predict the future, we can’t change the past. All we can do is make peace with ourselves. Acknowledge that there are things we can’t change, but there are things we can do better from now on.

For example, the old horse can let go of his preconceived notions and come to communicate properly with his daughter. Share his most precious time with his daughter.

Otto can walk away from the guilt of killing his daughter with a drunk driver, to heal his right hand to face life more optimistically.

Emmen can forgive himself for being fat, unproductive and cowardly, without having to pretend to be violent, afraid to play the symbol of teenage horn in his hand.

Leo he also no longer have to endure because of homosexuality, and in the childhood barn by his father and brother beaten under the psychological shadow of life. Because he saved the Ukrainian little sufferer moustache, but also accepted his psychologically despised self.

For example, I and you, can admit their own mediocrity, incompetence, with the struggle of a lifetime can only become an ordinary person.

The end of the film falls on a blue bicycle. The blue bike is a Christmas gift from a young Estonian girl who lives far away. Although this blue bike once belonged to the old horse’s daughter, the old horse’s wife also indirectly died because of it.

But what can you do, life is like that. You can’t ask life why you are the way you are. God has his own plan, don’t bother with the bike that has been lost. Have fun riding a new bike while you have it! Who cares if it’s red or blue!

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