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Aniara How can we stay at home when the earth is so big? This science fiction film made another form of “Wandering Earth”

After watching “The Aniara”, I was very shocked and at the same time deeply powerless. The boundlessness of human nature and the universe touched me too much!  Humanity1. Nostalgia for home is the most powerful spiritual force for human beings when they travel far away.There is a facility on the Aniyala called MIMA, which allows people to dream about the most beautiful side of the Earth in their hearts according to their memories. When the Aniyala carried passengers to and from Earth and Mars before, the one-way trip took just one month, and the MIMA was experienced by few and far between, and the heroine MR could manage it alone. But since the Aniyala went off course and fell into the depths of the universe when humans learned that they could not return home in the short term, the MIMA experience has skyrocketed. Anyone who misses the beauty of home, who misses the warmth of home, this is the most powerful spiritual force in the heart of the wanderer.

2.insatiable and abuse is still the nature of human beings.

The goodness of MIMA made people line up to experience it, and the administrator of MIMA grew from 1 to 8 people. Long-term overuse of MIMA could not stand it anymore. But neither the captain nor the visitors had any intention to let MIMA rest. Finally, MIMA blew itself up. The spiritual pillar of the humans on board collapsed!

On the Aniara, human abuse of MIMA led to the explosion of MIMA. On Earth, human over-exploitation and use of the planet will eventually lead to its destruction, just like the movie credits! Tornadoes, lava, earthquakes…

When humans explore and develop the universe, they also do not take care of the space environment and “throw” garbage around, the Aniara was hit off course, and the “killer” was actually the space garbage (screws) left by humans themselves. It’s so ironic!

Second, the universe is infinite.

1. Meaningless How big is the universe? The astronomer in the film said that everything is meaningless, you do not know how vast the universe is! Yes, the universe is so big that everyone is just waiting to die. There is no end, only darkness, and you can’t even feel the passage of time!

In the third year, 48 people could not stand to commit suicide.

In the 7th and 8th year, the second female also committed suicide. She even killed her own child with her own hands. Perhaps she thought that this was the best outcome for her child, and she didn’t want her child to spend her life waiting to die!

In the 10th year, even the captain began to think about suicide.

Thought when captured energy, but could not crack the mystery. Astronomers say that there is no point anymore, everyone is in vain! But the captain does not give up, the captain is right, the most important thing is to let everyone keep hope, and how is this not his own hope! If we lose hope, in the darkness of the universe, what to live on?

In the 24th year, the remaining humans gathered together and prayed to the gods to give them a little light. At this point, even life and death are meaningless. 2, the universe is just great big!

The captain said that in the 2nd year, we could meet the massive planet and return by his gravity.

But, it took nearly 6 million years! It took nearly 6 million years before Aniara encountered this one planet that was ready to return. It also looks like a habitable planet!

6 million years, what an incomprehensible number, how far has it gone, how many eras must it have travelled! You know that human history is only a few tens of thousands of years old!

According to the latest astronomical research and observations, the Earth is 100 light years away from the nearest “potentially habitable planet”! And the fastest speed that mankind has mastered so far is less than one ten thousandth of the speed of light! We’ll see for ourselves.

Take care of our planet! Humans are probably less than dust in the universe, too small! If the Earth is destroyed, where will we find such a home again?

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