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Hotell They escaped from life and bravely entered the fantasy

Hotel was something I overlooked when I was looking for a movie on B-site. I don’t think I would have seen it, much less had the opportunity to retrieve it from my memory bank, if I hadn’t gone over my study time tonight and had to find a movie that was less than two hours long – I had skimmed the description of this movie from some article. anyway, it was flagged, and then tonight, it was it.

It’s not a movie that will be popular. To call it a literary film is even a bit of a stretch. When I first started watching it, I thought it was a healing process for a depressed mother seeking redemption from birth trauma. After watching it, it really is. But the process was surprising.

Encouraged by a therapy group member, the heroine and four members were ready to practice a hotel trip to experience what she wanted: to be another person in another place.

The first thing that struck me as interesting was the heroine’s decision to pay for everyone herself. This fits her character traits: planning, control. The contrast here makes me understand better that the uncontrolled earthquake caused by the child not being born as planned and being born to be resuscitated must have been stronger than normal for her. When they arrived at the first hotel, each of them checked into their own room. Upbeat music played. The yellow-haired woman put on a new pink blouse, the strong man opened the food cupboard and took out a packet of snacks, the aunt opened the window and sat on the windowsill to smoke, the balding man set out several books, and one was held in his hand. Obviously his favorite about the Mayan civilization. And the heroine does not seem to have fully switched state. She sat in a daze on the leather chair at the end of the bed, as in other environments, and the upbeat music stopped here. To use psychological terms to describe the heroine’s current state of mind, she is still in a state of dissociation.

I thought they were going to be alone in their own strange room, to experience their strange and new selves. But the next image was of them together in a room. They began to take turns to close their eyes and describe what they wanted to have in their hearts. What touched me here was that as each person spoke, the others were listening carefully and others were taking notes. There was no perfunctory, no ridicule, just attentive listening. This atmosphere of true respect and acceptance made me feel moved from the bottom of my heart. This is so lacking in real life, isn’t it. Each of them described a fantasy of their perfect selves: popular, awesome and powerful, sexually attractive, and spontaneous. It was the heroine’s turn, but she could not say anything, her lips pursed and said: I can not do.

One night is over, the yellow-haired woman and the strong man two good each other. Faced with returning to reality, the yellow-haired woman retreated, she said in pain: I do not want to go back, the crowd also seems to be unfulfilled. The strong man asked and told the crowd that the hotel was full, so they went to stay at the next hotel. Here they fulfilled the balding man’s wish to receive Mayan-style punishment by identifying a married man for the aunt who would have sex with her. One is the embodiment of masochistic tendencies and the other is forbidden sex. We actually have all these in our human nature, only people are always ashamed to face their nature.

Next it was the heroine’s turn, and the scene changed to the poolside. The heroine bought everyone a simulated baby, the baby wears clothes and toys. Then she picked up one, told her fantasy of having a baby after the situation, the crowd also held and teased their babies like real babies. No one found it funny, no one questioned it. Here again, I was moved. For the progress of the heroine, more this like a utopia of calm and beautiful picture.

Later, everyone swam with their babies, the heroine sat on the pool deck with her in her arms. At this point, the bald man slowly swam to the heroine’s feet, mouthing his mother, as if he had become a baby, needing the heroine, trusting her, relying on her. The heroine was at first a little disoriented by the game, but she slowly dropped her guard, like a real mother protecting, comforting, and taking care of her baby. I was a little taken aback at first, but was slowly softened by the warmth of the interaction between the two. Here the two of them are accomplishing each other, in this realistic rendition of the retreat, the balding man gets the care he wants from his mother, and the heroine has her first near-real experience of mother-baby interaction. This promotes an easier acceptance of the reality of the child.

When the yellow-haired woman and the strong man appeared together, the crowd’s sincere praise and blessing, and later together for the shape of the man massage.

All of the above is called support.

The strong man was bumped into by his real-life friend and was forced to admit that he had a wife and a child. He chose to face his true self and call and divorce his wife. You see, even if the life without any storm, people will have anxiety. Living in reality itself makes people feel anxious. Many people may not understand and may even condemn the strong man’s behavior. But I think this is a person who wants to escape from the constraints of the outside ethical rules and find their true self, the most courageous move they can make.

Come to the third hotel. Before the heroine because the bald man asked her to choose props, face their own pain when the angry rushed out of the hotel. Here represents the heroine can reveal her emotions, which is an improvement for her. When she returned, the hotel was holding a wedding. Several people were having a good time. Later, the aunt was humiliated by the groom, and the heroine and the bald man accompanied a boy who was bored and lonely at the wedding to play but was misunderstood and blamed by the boy’s parents and finally the heroine had an emotional breakdown. In both cases, I couldn’t help but be disappointed with reality and the crowd.

The groom insulting and shoving his aunt, who is older than him, indiscriminately.

The groom’s father, who clearly had an interest in the aunt, but said nothing when his own son questioned whether the aunt had slept with him.

the boy’s parents who at first made advances on the girl, but later became afraid in the face of the heroine’s breakdown and madness-like tossing;

When the heroine crashed through the balcony glass and threw out, everyone else just watched. Finally it was the balding man who soothed the sobbing heroine and picked up the bruised and battered her as she slowly walked down the stairs.

The well-dressed crowd was surprised but indifferent to what was happening.

The five people who had been hit hard by reality walked like fleeing on the highway before dawn. The heroine and the balding man are still barefoot, and the balding man is not even wearing any clothes, only a bathrobe.

People, often lack of compassion for their own kind. It’s not easy to get the world to treat you kindly.

In the end, the heroine is the first to leave this real but detached from the reality of the group, choose to go back to face. She hugged the crowd goodbye, got in a cab and went straight to the hospital. She’s going to see her baby. Until then, she can’t think about it, she can’t look at it, and she can’t hug the child who has made her life spiral out of control. She’d broken her old self and was ready to glue a new one.

How wonderful. Such an experience.

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