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Der kommer en dag One day, the Yeoh Engels will have their comeuppance?

He is the first person to use electroshock therapy to treat Internet addiction, and his Internet rehab center is known as the “concentration camp” of the new era. It has been 10 years since his center was established in 2006. During these 10 years, countless “Internet addicted teenagers” have walked out of the center, leaving behind a lifetime of nightmares, and because of the extreme treatment methods in the center, they have even developed mental illnesses and have been unable to live normally for a long time.

Why did I suddenly mention Yang Yongxin? This movie is based on a true story, the same theme as “The Melting Pot”, in which unscrupulous and perverted teachers abused and sexually abused students in a boarding school. They were sent to this boarding school.

None of the teachers in this boarding school are normal people, they are all violent to varying degrees, and they beat the students on a regular basis, saying “it’s for their own good, it’s a way of education”. The teachers beat the students and send them to the school nurse, who treats their wounds to make sure they don’t die, and within two days of treating the wounds, they beat them again.

What is more cruel than the abuse of students is that there is a pedophile male teacher, every night on duty, to patrol the student dormitory, like the emperor to choose a concubine like a good-looking students called to his room, the student sexual assault, disobedient students will be his beatings and then sexual assault.

Even more horrific than the evil of the unscrupulous teachers was the habituation and indifference of these students to abuse and sexual assault, and the new kids would be taught by the old ones that “you have to act like a ghost to survive here.” Students become numb, apathetic, and indifferent to life under the oppressive rule of unscrupulous teachers, and they even bully each other; the stronger kids bully the weaker ones, the younger boys go through the trash to pick up cigarette butts, turn in their butts and sandwiches to the older boys, and get beaten up if they don’t comply. Faced with inhuman abuse by unscrupulous teachers, instead of working together to defy them, the students went on to bully groups weaker than themselves.

Even when a prosecutor came to the school to inspect the situation, the students were afraid to tell the prosecutor the truth. This is what the Yeoh’s do to the world, they turn schools into purgatory and use children as tools for their own selfish desires. After their day to day physical and mental abuse, these children become mindless walking corpses with no way to live normally in society when they grow up.

There are many such boarding schools in the society. In addition to the well-known Yang Yongxin, I have seen some social welfare homes in very poor conditions. When I was in high school, my class organized volunteers to do volunteer work in a children’s orphanage, which was full of children abandoned by their parents, most of whom had varying degrees of physical disabilities and were very young, the youngest being just born and the oldest only about ten years old. It was winter, and the children in the orphanage were thinly dressed, and the rooms they lived in were dark, with no furniture other than a few worn-out chairs and a few small wooden beds.

In the innermost room of a corridor, there were a dozen or so small iron cots for babies, the oldest of which was no more than three years old, and most of these children were chained to their feet and locked to the iron beds.

I approached a crib and looked at the little boy chained in front of me, his face smudged, his nose hanging from his midsection, his mouth drooling, and his eyes staring vacantly at me. I asked the orphanage teacher around me, “Why are they chained up and why aren’t they allowed to move freely?” The orphanage teacher answered rightfully: “Most of these children are imbeciles, their parents don’t want them, we adopted them, but we don’t have enough staff, so we can only keep them chained to keep them from running around.” When I heard such an answer, I only felt a great sense of powerlessness, and when I looked at the children chained to the crib, they seemed to be unaware of their situation, and then I left the room with my head down.

To this day, when I think of this orphanage, the first thing that comes to me is still a sense of powerlessness. While there are unscrupulous boarding schools and orphanages, perverted teachers, and Yang Yongxin, there are also many irresponsible parents, who together form a chain of evil that turns innocent children into victims of this chain of evil. In “Someday”, the abusive teachers deserve to die, but so do the parents who give birth to their children and don’t care about them. In the movie, there is a handsome young boy, his happiest thing in school is to receive letters from his father, but his father’s letters only contain a few words each time, and his father always says he is busy, has no time to see him, and will pick him up one day to go home, but this day is far away. The teenager had no hope of returning home and only asked his father to tell him about his sister in his letters.

In this world, there are some parents, they do not deserve the name “parents”, their children may be the product of an accident, they do not have the consciousness to raise children, let it happen, born and raised. Even as I saw in the orphanage, they have sex without safety measures, do not prepare adequately before giving birth, the child born does not meet their expectations and then discarded, as easy as throwing away an object, so the number of abandoned children in society is increasing. I have always felt that even if reproduction is a natural human right, shouldn’t the profession of parenthood establish a threshold of entry to at least ensure that both parents are mentally sound and responsible.

Since unscrupulous schools, Youngsters and irresponsible parents form a chain of evil, can’t we break this chain of evil one link at a time? In “Someday” and “Melting Pot,” the teachers who protect the victimized students and fight against the unscrupulous schools are teachers with conscience, but without the presence of these good teachers, would the victimized students continue to be in purgatory without seeing the light of day? Could our social watchdogs be a little tougher on these schools? Like the new prosecutor in the movie who conducts unannounced inspections without calling, like summoning a student from time to time for a confidential interview, like planting watchdogs in the school system? There are ways to better protect children, so why not prevent the problem before it happens, and why let the dark side of human nature expand before addressing it, when you know it exists?

The ending of “Someday” is more hopeful than that of “Melting Pot”, at least the victims did not pay with their lives as the price of freedom, while the victims in “Melting Pot” could only meet a dead end and did not receive justice even after death. These two endings, both true, perhaps unscrupulous teachers in the end will be investigated, will go to prison, or perhaps they are safe and continue to plague children, I wonder how many more Yang Yongxin in reality are on the loose. The reason why evil people are evil is because they rationalize their evil deeds and they have no guilt in their hearts for their victims, just like Yang Yongxin always thought he was the God of Heaven who saved the Internet addicted teenagers, while the unscrupulous principal in “One Day” was telling the little boy until the moment his crime was revealed, “Everything I do is for your own good.”

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