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Broderskab The hot love that melts the cold wind and violence

This was the first film I saw at the 16th Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this year. The theater was full of intimate, flirtatious pairs of men at 9pm on a weekend, and luckily I was accompanied by KUMA and his friends so I didn’t end up alone.

The movie opens with a scene in which a Nazi group violently beats a gay man on a cold Danish night, seemingly setting the tone for the film’s cruel and desperate atmosphere. However, the seriousness and cruelty of this reality does not last long, when Lars moved into the small wooden house Jimmy renovated on the beach, the film revealed its original form. It turns out that it is like a sheep in wolf’s clothing, seemingly a sadistic film about the Nazis’ brutalization of homosexuals, but it turns out to be a warm and romantic love film. The director is very delicate and sensual to portray the whole process of love between the two. From the initial hostility, inadvertent ambiguity, to the feelings after the occurrence of escape, and finally the courage to face, the director tried his best to capture every detail every look every emotional twist and turn. For example, when Lars completed the organization’s mission for the first time, Jimmy excitedly pulled Lars, and the other party resented the resistance, which pulled and pushed a moment when the two suddenly stopped, eyes met, lips so close, the other party’s body heat seems to be surrounding themselves, heartbeat accelerated, but at the same time immediately reacted, a push away from each other, do not know what to do to turn away; for example, that sleepless At night, Lars undressed in his own small room, Jimmy sat on his bedroom bed looking at the door as if waiting for something, Lars finished dragging clothes and closed the door, Jimmy heard the sound of closing the door full of despondency, and at this time Lars also just sitting blankly on the bed and also staring at the door. Of course, we can’t forget to mention their first kiss scene, after getting out of the cold sea water Lars stood under the hot shower sexy, he then found Jimmy beside him has been completely captivated by him, so Lars pulled Jimmy to himself, the two in the cold wind under the hot shower, topless kiss, a hasty kiss Jimmy pushed away Lars powerlessly said what are you doing You’re crazy, but then immediately give up under Lars’ hot kiss.

Of course, the Nazi organization is not a sham. Not only does it play the role of the film’s “villain” and become the only obstacle to the relationship between the two protagonists, it also serves to illustrate the themes that the director wants to express. The first scene of the film shows his violence and madness, just like the organization itself, and it can be said that he is completely “integrated” into the characteristics of the organization. But in the scene where he protects and cares for his overdosed brother, it is clear that this supposedly intimidating character has a gentle warmth in his steely, fierce eyes. Until he and Lars fell in love with themselves but can not face, Lars so angry to leave, Jimmy sleepless nights to the farm to find Lars, then standing in front of Lars he did not say a word, just look at each other, telling the remorse and love eyes completely without the previous cold, his whole person has been Lars melted, melted by love. Similarly Jimmy’s brother is the same. Eager to formally join the organization because he was Lars preempted and jealous, but after all that happened, Lars in the hospital just looked at him and nodded his head, all that hate also became a cloud, the rest is just understanding tolerance and guilt. So in the end, although he stayed in the organization, but with a beer standing in the cold wind, his face is full of hesitation and uncertainty written. Perhaps an organization and a group can deliberately incite and induce individual emotions and ideas, and even achieve the effect of brainwashing, but people are always animals that need to be loved, such as Lars kind and loving humanity is like a bright light, always able to find a way out for those who have lost their way.

The movie successfully shaped the role of Jimmy, David Dencik a face of gangster but in the arms of Lars can become so vulnerable. The final scene of the abuse is the emotional climax of the film, each punch not only on Lars’ face, but also on Jimmy’s own heart and the audience’s emotional nerves. In the cold night, holding the fainted Lars angry and painful yelling and crying, this role is impressive and unforgettable. David, who has a great body, is also naked in the film, which is very eye-catching. As for the other main character Lars played by Thure Lindhardt, he was in the Hollywood production “Angels and Demons” in the few appearances enough to remember its handsome face, although the gap between the teeth reminded me of “True Blood” heroine and Depp’s woman, but when the smile is still sunny and lovely, likeable.

The film’s ending also continues the warm tone of the majority of the film, leaving people full of warm hope. Like me, I can not stand too realistic and cruel movies, this film is just right. And in the generally low quality of the gay movie, Broderskab is also considered a masterpiece.

PS: Lars the name is really gay and cute ah .

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