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Aquarela The universal image of water: from the heart, deep in the marrow

The main character of this film is not a person, but water, led by the Scottish production company “Aconite”, which is dedicated to producing documentary films that focus on “things”, contrary to most films that focus on “people”. “The company’s founder (who is also the director of the film) is also the director of the film. The company’s founder (and the film’s central producer) is Aimara Reques, a Venezuelan who has lived in the UK for a long time. She was present for a Q&A session after the screening, and I was already impressed by Aimara’s demeanor before she even opened her mouth – eyes shining, dark curly hair signaling her exuberant energy, full cheeks, and a wise and poised smile on her face. Talking about the production process, the words are really precise, rational, filled with passion, gloomy in the humor, so that people in just a few minutes of question and answer time to peek into the five-year production process of a variety of interesting, thrilling, dark flowers.

This movie must be seen in the cinema, the sound quality must be good, loud, high level of projection (but certainly not up to the level of the original film 94 fps, I was lucky to see the curzon bloomsbury in London 48 fps). If you are ready to watch at home with the computer, then I advise you not to waste time, certainly not yet insist on the climax to fall asleep a dozen times.

The first shot of the opening, in the Siberian glacial lake on the unfolding, the early melting of the glacial lake, unaware of the nearby residents and passing cars often suddenly sink with a thud. When the camera crossed under the layer of the ice lake without end, along with the sound of struggle, I felt a sense of suffocation too real, really cold, really can not breathe. But this shot was not what the director had planned. The director planned to shoot from the frozen Belga Lake, but the equipment did not arrive on time, and when the equipment all arrived, the frozen lake had already started to melt, much earlier than in previous years. The director couldn’t sleep at night and climbed out of the tent at four o’clock for a walk, and saw a pitch-black thing floating up and down in the distance, and walked in to see that it was a man struggling to climb up from the broken mouth of the frozen lake. After the director helped the man to shore, asked what was going on. It turned out that the man was home to smoke out, want to go out to buy cigarettes, I do not know that the ice lake melted in advance, fell down. The director was suddenly inspired: this is not with the theme of the film fits perfectly? Later, he also ran into the search and rescue team sent out on the frozen lake, which led to the opening scene.

I personally think the climax is in the middle of the “sea of everything”, shocking waves, with the sudden sound of heavy metal music, so that the whole head rumbled from the inside out, the whole body sweat, back tightly pressed against the back of the chair, trying to escape from this ancient monster. Is this still the water we usually know? Not to mention the documentary, I have not even seen the special effects in the film this momentum, scary, cool, five bodies!

At this time, I want to take advantage of the film’s original music composer “Eicca Toppinen”, he is a member of the Finnish cello heavy metal band “Metal Apocalypse (Apocalyptica)”, greasy long blond hair all day long He is what you would imagine a Nordic heavy metal group to be like, no exaggeration.

After witnessing the fury of the sea, and after the baptism of Hurricane Irma in Miami, we finally came to the dream-like Angel Falls in Venezuela, which is really exactly the same as the one in the “Flying House”, or even better, the camera slowly pulled away, and it was really the Milky Way falling into the sky! A touch of dust on the cliffs of the wall, independent of the world. It is really a film with “water” as the main character, showing every aspect of water, full of love, respect, and fear, from the heart, deep in the marrow.

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