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Et hjørne af paradis The Gap between Ideal and Reality The Smell of Heaven

What is heaven and where is it? Or is it a utopia that exists only in the mind ……Title The film comes from a true story, and the end result of this story is: the botanist was killed by a murderer hired by Helene who fell in love with him, and the murderer was arrested and died for no reason, except that no one was judged.

This constitutes the perfect irony to the botanist’s lifelong pursuit of nature, laws, and principles of fairness and justice. And the most ironic thing is that it comes from a real-life story.

Like the title of the film, “The Smell of Paradise,” it seems to be smellable, but hard to see.

The hero, Nils, is a soldier who loves botany, but calls himself a botanist in uniform. He is chastised for disagreeing with the academic school, and for bringing girls back to camp privately. He took off his uniform in a fit of rage.

Together with the heroine Anna, who is in love with him, he searches for paradise.

In the Arctic Circle, on the sea, and finally settled on a deserted island in Costa Rica ……

Those days were like paradise, they were like the first two people in the world, isolated and free and beautiful. As with most newlyweds, they were in love.

Nils, accompanied by Anna, began to study plants on the island. And made small gains. At Anna’s suggestion, began to write an article on the observed phenomena and the conclusions drawn. And went to the nearest town and sent away for it.

Soon they received a message from National Geographic: Nils’ article was published, and the magazine paid an honorarium in advance. Nils soon became famous, so the balance of the world of two people was broken.

Nils, who starts to become busy, returns home less and less, and Anna’s suspicion grows every day. After Nils is taken away by the police and rescued by Helene, who sends him home, the conflict explodes.

Nils denied everything that had happened before, and even thought it was impossible to live with Anna.

And with the publication of Nils’ research about the island, more and more people pay attention to this place, but also bring great damage to the local environment, Nils is in pain.

The local powers that be are willing to kill Indians on a large scale in order to get benefits, and Anna desperately saves a little Indian girl when she witnesses a massacre. Sympathy for the dangerous situation of the Indians and the injustice suffered, so that the two people’s hearts stick together again.

However, at the time of a successful public speech by Niles to expose the truth about the injustice done to the Indians, the house they had worked so hard to build was burned to the ground, and the man-made fire turned their manuscript into ashes after more than a year of hard work.

However, the Nils’ determination to oppose the massacre of the Indians was strengthened.

At a party organized by Helena’s father, they became the lambs of a reckoning. The Indian girl was taken away in order to lure them to the rescue, the little girl was rescued, and Nils could not bear the brutality of the gunmen. In spite of Anna’s advice to the gunmen to chase and eventually died a tragic death.

Nils’ farewell ceremony, the priest revealed the truth, he questioned Helene, you do not deserve to live in any land. The wealthy businessman Tontigo has trouble accepting it, but gets this reply from his daughter: You’re old, too old!

The whole film is linked by the off-screen voice of the heroine Anna, which seems to be a memoir of Anna for Nils. Like many European films, the pace is soothing despite the ups and downs of the plot. In that blazing night, set to a slow, somber and sad music, hard to transform the rage into a deep sadness.

From the initial Garden of Eden, to the coldness of mutual feelings. From the initial paradise, to the scene of bloody massacre. From the initial love, to the ultimate hate. From life to death.

A little digging out from the idealistic innocence, nakedly look directly at the cruelty of reality.

It is comforting to know that the hearts of the two people who used to love each other still come together in the end. In each other’s love and trust, regain heaven.

The film deeply explores the so-called progress of human development, including how much for the killing of innocent and vulnerable species, and whether this progress itself will really bring happiness to people? Especially in the long run, is it really worthy of praise to go against the laws of nature, trying to change nature by scientific methods, to create nature for profit?

Nature needs to be revered by man, but when mankind is greedy by nature and sees the potential benefits, he overlooks the potential harm in the near future if he uses human factors to make the best use of it as soon as possible. The vested interests do not allow people to doubt the rationality of what he is doing in order to ensure his benefits, and use all means to prevent people from obstructing the implementation of his greedy plans.

Human greed is not only about money and status, but the greed for love’s exclusivity may throw people’s reason into a deeper abyss. The fickle feelings, the ordinary life, has already diluted the once vows like white water, this time is the real test of love. Whether through, not in the depth of feelings, but whether there is a common pursuit to maintain the sublimation of each other’s feelings. A bunch of love couples in the film eventually give up suspicion to love each other, while the rich girl’s hatred but a moment difficult to eliminate, from love to hate hate deeper, resulting in the final tragedy.One person has died, two people sad.

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