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Kærestesorger Two aching hearts

Three years in the life of a group of high school students in Denmark in the 1960s. The Wounds of Love discusses what love is in the eyes of young people, whether it is selfish or altruistic. In a relationship where they stab each other, the main character Jonas shakes his view of the world and the people around him.The teenage boys and girls in the film are from middle-class families, but a circle of people in a ballroom salon, discussing poetry and politics and philosophy with a strong little bourgeois interest, belonging to the definite intellectual taste. If you add art, food, sexual orientation and communism, “The Scars of Love” will transform into a French coming-of-age film or a romance.

Scars of Love is a dialogue melodrama that takes place almost exclusively in indoor scenes, with only a few outdoor scenes to soothe the characters. The film uses so much pro and con to show that there are also off-screen narrators, and Jonas’ psychological changes, his mood on a certain night, and the progress of his relationship with Agnète are all told in narration. Jonas and Agnete split up, and when he thought several times that he had become each other’s salvation, but found that Agnete leapt lightly on the shore, then he ignited a nameless jealousy.

Agnete is a typical young woman of letters who holds the view that different levels of love can coexist. She professes to be deeply in love with Jonas, while at the same time engaging in mental and physical communication with Tauck and others, a cleaving powerhouse of words and deeds. Analyzing Agnete’s inner emotions, again, one cannot skip her family, the relationship with both parents. The love affair with Agnete stabs Jonas deeply, and “Love Wounds” uses love to show unconscious growth, creating fond memories belonging to a specific era.

Outside of the male and female leads, the film has some important supporting characters. The not-quite-social Tauck, a pair of high school classmates who give birth to a child, and Jonas and Agnete’s parents, whose emotional state also profoundly affects the protagonists’ lives. The Scars of Love” is full of artistic sentiment, and viewers who can’t forget their youth will be emotionally impacted by the fact that there is a state on the shores of the East China Sea, called Denmark, which is remote and barren, and has not yet become a king. The people were all blondes and blue-eyed, not like the Chinese. There was a man, Joe, who lived near the lake and was good at drinking, but not good at poetry and literature. When he grew up, he entered the school. There was a girl next door who was just starting to grow up, although she did not have a lot of looks, she also had a little color. The two of them have been studying together for a long time, and their love for each other is often born. The love to the thick, can not hold each other, so private lifelong, the piano and the harmony.

However, the fate of many, many good things, there is another male name gram surnamed TO, for the ranger child, like the skills, plus both literary and martial arts, elegant high, to this feed the female, the third party to interfere with the reality.

Another professor of the school is eyeing to compete with him for profit.

The first time I saw the film was in the 1960s, when I was a high school student in Northern Europe.

The long close-ups that keep appearing portray the kind of contrast that neither of them can stand.

16-17-18 year olds, quietly haggard, confused and overwhelmed.

Aggrieved expressions, jealous eyes, transmitting the soul’s deepest scream: I want revenge.

Like a mirror image, one sees one’s own horror in the other’s face.

However, is this the so-called love?

The kind of subconscious killing and pulling, one can not help but think of Jeux d’enfants.

Other people, are their supporting characters and props, jokes into the unimaginable war, but hanging “in the name of love” front.

The Danes, after all, are closer to the North Pole and far less romantic than the Mediterranean Franks.

This calm and contemplative work, so heavy that the atmosphere of the cinema seems to have entered the winter.

No one can bear the ending of the two defeats, but who can sway the heart’s self-inflation?

Perhaps this is what director Nils Malmros is warning us about with his rather realistic images: “Cherish life, stay away from love”.

Before saying “I love you”, please learn to love first.

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