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Du er ikke alene When I was a teenager again

You must love others as you love yourself Two young boys with no children. And some other boys playing around.14?15?So beautiful that one can ignore the gender.

Blonde hair over the ears, delicate features, clear voice, beautiful teeth.

Bo with curly brown hair, a baby-faced boy, has a stable personality, a tall body, and a low voice that doesn’t match his age.

The two ride the same bike down the path to their secret base. Kim is in front, Bo is behind on the pedals; after a short ride, they stop, Bo is in front, Kim is behind – the bike starts to snake, Bo yells STOP, and the two of them dive into the grass on the side of the road.

The two take a shower together, the unsuspecting Jin, the delicate and repressed Bo. The hair on the forehead is wet from the water falling from the shower head. The white checkered tiles.

They are playing on the grass, and Kim is drunk, lying topless on the soft grass. Bo smiled and tricked him into closing his eyes, then put his face slowly, slowly close to …. But at the end it stopped. The wind was blowing, the trees behind him were swaying lightly, and the sun was shining brightly above his head. The lips of the wave along the beautiful curve of the naked gold, collarbone, chest, belly – very close to very close, but never touch. Kim, who doesn’t know why, closes her eyes and gives a vague laugh.

At the end of the film, in the school cafeteria, the boys turn off the lights and turn on the projector in full view of everyone, and the music and the boulevard flow and emerge with the images on the projection.

Image: At one end of the path, Bo is lazing around; at the other end, Kim is enjoying a jog in the shadow of the trees. Two people met, looked at each other, and approached. They smile unspokenly. The wind is still blowing, the sun is still shining brightly on their hair, and all around, the dark green and light green wood leaves are lush.

We can’t tell if that last image is just the boys trying to simply show the art of love, or if it’s the announcement of two boys’ boy’s love to the crowd ….

But we know that here, between them, in their hearts, there is something pure and unspeakable connected, and that is enough.

PS: Danish boys are generally unisex looking… A bunch of teenagers sitting together I almost can not tell the gender… Beautiful shape, or beautiful shape. Peach heart peach heart. Favorite Danish blonde hair. Kim and wave this pair of love show simply let no one see, what body painting la, forest nap la, picnic play la …… wave for Kim to repair bicycle, Kim saw the wave was bullied by the gang rushed to help, but also escape the window in the middle of the night to find a small boyfriend to sleep together …… really beautiful The pure and lovely feelings .

The best thing about youth is that you can be a good friend and go around together, you can post yellow pictures, watch pornography, read yellow articles, and make each other feel bad, one person is in trouble and everyone supports …… endless good sunshine, about endless good friends!

In addition, I appreciate the reaction of the two best friends in the bathroom after bumping into the bath, neither despise surprised, nor spread around, afterwards the face of the two is also the usual get along, he said to one of the two: I think and boys or girls together are the same.

Flared pants, tights, boys with shoulder-length hair, typical 70s dress, with the imprint of the times can not be removed. Sexual liberation, rock …… even these terms seem to come with the picture.

The story is simple, focusing on the trivial things that happen between boys in a Danish boys’ school. There are always conflicts and contradictions between parents and children, there is always the rebellion of children, there is always the desire for growth and freedom, there is always that hazy indefinable attraction ……

The actual fact is that it is very pure, a group of young boys, pure without impurities like, age is also no way to judge, also 14, 15 years old it. As the protagonist of the two young boys, still with the childishness and traces of children, clean to neutral, feelings are also between friendship and love ambiguous unknown ……

The Danish language sounds strange, and the upward sound of the final note is actually somewhat similar to German, but not as good as German.

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