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Poikien bisnes Those pretty boys

What were the circumstances under which these GPs were made?Did the actors do it by choice? Did they want to do it themselves because they enjoyed it?

The documentary throws out two questions to the audience. By the end, they are generally answered. But apparently the last question is a bit controversial. Did the boys do this voluntarily?

I can’t answer this question. In my opinion, a large part of it is out of necessity. Even the 27-year-old GP actor (compared to the standard of “retired” in his twenties) said, “I’m an exhibitionist, I like doing this. Is this really true? I think it sounds very sour, the kind of sour heart.

In a society that is now so industrialized, any demand can develop into a standardized industry that produces norms. Just like those pornographic magazines, pornographic videos have come into public life as a matter of course.

Men in Eastern Europe have an inherent hardware advantage. They are a long history of East-West hybrid, physical features and even the length of the genitals are “mixed” to perfection. And for historical reasons, they are in a society that has undergone change and turmoil, until now, people there are not very high income levels. Many people from Eastern Europe (e.g. Polish nationals) have gone to Western Europe to work as construction workers or to do farm work such as strawberry picking. I read in other books that some Eastern European writers and poets wanted to go to Prague (Prague, the same Eastern European Prague ah) to join a writing society, but couldn’t go because they couldn’t even afford the bus fare.

And which boys are these beautiful boys? The film’s introduction says, “It is the poor, uneducated, unemployed young men without strong family ties or social networks, who drift into the porn industry and its ‘ foster care’. For some it offers survival and peers in the porn community, at least for a while, but in many cases the quick, easy money comes at a high cost in the long run… ”

That’s why it’s mostly the boys from Eastern Europe who do this kind of work.

I don’t think anyone is really doing it because they enjoy it, either. Can anyone really “enjoy” being in front of the camera like this without any fear? To share your body with everyone? It’s not quite the same as prostitution, which is at least in a room where there are never so many people watching your naked body having sex with you or having intercourse across the screen at the same time.

It’s just that I think life, these boys’ lives, like ours, is just a life. Their profession is just one of the all walks of life. There is never any noble or unprivileged.

Back to the job, it seems that as long as you look good and dare to do it, you can get a good pay (not to say generous, at least good, otherwise there are not so many boys “after”, even the director also said he kept brushing off the interview). This makes me want to compare the model with these “special industry actors”. The same body in the money, one is wearing a lot of value of bright and shiny brand-name clothing to walk across the catwalk will become the focus of countless limelight, one is naked as if no one under the camera movement, both to bear the risk of disease, but also like a kind of unspeakable afraid to mention to people. The same are some of the people who look amazingly beautiful face. But apparently such a double standard of differential treatment exists everywhere, even for us, the most ordinary people, who do things and treat people this way.

This is a job that you can enjoy and be paid for and become famous overnight, but not everyone can do it, and not everyone wants to do it. Some people do, as the documentary says, like a drug addiction, addicted, can not be extricated. But why? I think maybe it’s because they’ve been doing it so much that they’ve become so numb that they don’t care what other people think, and the pay is good and they can enjoy it, so of course they want to keep doing it. I once read some interviews with sex workers, and the orioles said they couldn’t get out because they made more money, spent more money, and lost face and body. Standing outside to advise these “suffering” people is certainly very simple, in the words of Aeschylus in “Prometheus in Bondage” (in fact, these boys can also be considered another kind of Prometheus), is – standing outside the pain to advise the suffering people It’s easy. But we are not them, we do not experience their lives. We’re more likely to be digging through boring, irrelevant news or browsing dating sites thinking about who to find tonight419 or watching these beautiful boys linger on the screen, giving themselves a handful of pleasure.

The documentary has a few impressive boys, one is the one who can’t cut his long hair Ruda, there is a shot of him in the film seems to be his previous GP, the voice of the narrator said “he is one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen (male creatures), sales figures say it all, he has made the whole world crazy. Black hair, blue eyes, cut like an angelic perfection of the face, let around some are eclipsed.” He was so beautiful in that shot, rivaling the star-studded male models at fashion week, that even Dan, the director, had a three-year relationship with him. He pointed to a photo and said it was his favorite because it didn’t smell pornographic at all. However, in the instant shot, he has long bum-like hair, waxy face and teeth, and at the end, we see his “residence” next to the garbage pile. A beautiful boy who dreamed of being a Hollywood movie star is gone. I think he will never get better and will probably end up dying in his rent-free apartment.

The other boy is Josef, with his unclear mother and his girlfriend who is bowling with him in the shot. He is also very beautiful, if the hair is longer and curlier, I have to suspect that it is Louis Gary. I noticed that he had bags and dark circles under his eyes, I don’t know if he was overworked or what. But apparently, his life like this is a burden to his body itself, to all these pretty boys (which reminds me of the BC in the US, the one with the little star on his ass, who confidently said he was young and strong and could continue doing this for a long time). And maybe life itself (meaning life outside of that line of work) has put a lot of pressure on him: mom doesn’t have a job, no dad (guessing), family grew up poor, dreams of going to Egypt with his girlfriend. He looks quiet and introverted, sometimes playing TV tour instruments. Under the beautiful appearance do not know how a tired heart.

Under the freedom of consumption, there is a demand for supply, this is the law. Although the director of the film said the fact that competition is getting fierce is expanding, the industry is no longer in full swing, some unsustainable. But there will still be millions of beautiful boys continue to stalk the camera, so that those who do not know the heartbreaking life there are millions of copies.

And Hemingway said that suicide is the last weapon people have. Before we pull out that gun and kill ourselves, it is understandable how to live on, or even how to survive. The real sins are all in other corners, as if the real want of the so-called perfect life is always somewhere else.

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