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Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary Simple and pure enough to bring tears to my eyes

The first time I attended a film screening must be commemorated!This is a simple and pure animated film that brought tears to my eyes.The plot is Hollywood style, a lot of dramatic conflicts make the whole film very tight, hidden in various small laughs are also very good points. However, if you look at the script and plot level, this movie is really mediocre.But why this movie can make me cry?

Because the process of watching a movie is not only concerned with the plot, but also an extremely subjective personal experience. And this movie touched the most vulnerable part of my heart.

First of all, I really like the style of this movie, bold colors and a lot of distant depictions of the wilderness and the sky, with the imax, so that the viewer has a light and drenched experience .

Secondly, unlike the more prevalent adult animation on the market today, this film seems too simple. The characters’ motives and behavior are slightly childish and thin, and the story is not very logical. At the same time, as a “feminist” film, the discussion of feminism is limited to the simple argument that “girls can do the same things as boys, and women should not be bound by social stereotypes”. However, the beauty of this film lies in its simplicity and purity.

The film is entirely dedicated to children, it does not have so many flashy pretensions, it does not have so many hidden social metaphors, it just tells a story that children love to hear, a story of a girl’s growth. This purity moved me. When I saw the girl galloping in the wilderness, the campfire lighting up the night sky full of stars, the sunset’s afterglow reflected in the valley and grassland, I felt everything was so simple, so free, so pure, as if I had returned to the basics, back to nature. The film prompts the audience to purely immerse themselves in the images and music in front of them, and simply enjoy the advancement of the plot. However, as an adult with an analytical mindset, I will unconsciously analyze the intention of the film and whether the logic of each plot point makes sense. However, this kind of analysis makes me feel sad and painful, because my analytical behavior constantly reminds me that I am far away from my childhood. It became my shackle, so that I could no longer simply perceive everything as a child.

On the one hand, I cherish my ability to think independently and deeply, because it proves that I am a complete human being and the meaning of my existence; but on the other hand, I desperately long for my innocent and simple childhood, and feel powerless about its passing. All this made me feel conflicted, confused and overwhelmed. When I watched the poetic and simple images, my own contradictions and powerlessness came out of my subconscious, and I couldn’t stop crying, and more than once .

I wanted to be a simple wilderness girl like Mary Jane, I cut my hair, changed my pants, mounted a horse and galloped across the vast wilderness like a boy. I watched the wagon train and the cattle slowly move forward in the sunset, the evening breeze tumbling golden grass. I watched as the sky faded to black and purple and countless twinkling stars appeared in the quiet night sky. Then I listened to the gentle flute of the shepherd around the warm and throbbing campfire and went to sleep, in which I rode my horse and chased the brightest star in the sky.

PS. Two moments in the screening that moved me:

The little brother next to me carefully put the ticket stubs into a booklet full of movie tickets.

At the end of the movie, everyone in the audience sat quietly to listen to the two end credits and applauded when the screen went black. At that moment I realized that movies don’t die, art doesn’t die. Romance does not die.

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