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Män som hatar kvinnor Millennial Trilogy

The publicity of some books and movies often titillates you, making you feel as if your life would be wasted if you didn’t see a certain book or movie. For example, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the subsequent two parts of the “Millennium Trilogy” series: “A perfect novel for European addiction, selling 8 million copies across Europe in three years! In Sweden, the average person owns one copy for every three people, and in France, one person can be found in every four cars,” reading these, I was already crazy about the novel, but before the series was officially introduced to the mainland, Sweden had already finished the trilogy The film, so I could not resist looking at it first, to experience the intertwined personal fate, family feud, political scandal of the thriller suspense story, the overall look, the pattern of the story is a gradual strengthening process, but the tension of the three films is a gradual decline in the process, after watching the three, feeling okay, but always feel that something is missing.

From the plot, said trilogy, in fact, the first and the next two parts can be viewed separately, basically two self-contained, but somewhat related to each other’s stories, the first is about a family tragedy, leading to the shape of the very Manson’s dragon tattoo heroine, followed by two parts and around her a gradually rising to the background of the Cold War era of intrigue and personal tragedy story. From the suspense and tension, the first is more outstanding, the career has just suffered a setback in the newspaper reporter to accept the rich businessman entrusted to find the niece who disappeared forty years ago, in a mysterious island, a family haunted by the mysterious atmosphere, similar to the usual process of speculative fiction, the investigation as a link, the characters will be drawn out one by one, but also a process that allows the audience to first preheat their own guess the killer. At the same time, the main character of the series, cool dragon tattoo girl also gradually appear, Sweden is a big country of metal music, rebellious Lisbeth also follow this style, covered in tattoos, body piercing, more Marilyn Manson-style look to show people, impressive. This looks would not have been outstanding girl this dress obviously no traditional sex appeal, bone-dry excessive to the dried body behind the stripped also looked difficult to get excited, but as a master hacker, she gradually involved in this incident, which, is the key to the entire series. In the first part, the disappearance of young girls, sex crimes as a main line, gradually from small to large, a family feud gradually presented, where the darkness and ugliness of human nature also flaunted on the screen, the whole story is still very exciting. At the same time, Lisbeth’s strange character is also presented from many angles, she is unruly and vulnerable, the sexual abuse of her adopters and her outbursts of fighting back will be her body overflowing with violence, obviously, this is a girl with a story, this clue is hidden, but also become the key to pull the next two parts.

The next “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and “The Girl Who Stabbed the Hornet’s Nest” are actually not much related to the story of the first film, but the former can be regarded as a “prequel to Lisbeth”, which does not directly tell the story of Lisbeth’s past, but is the main line of the whole film. What kind of experience has created this young girl with a complex personality? From the first film to this one, finally her past is presented in the form of oral narration and flashbacks, her complex emotional relationship with her biological father, and the fire ignited in the past did not relieve too much pain, but ignited the flame of revenge, until the end of her fierce revenge. This part of the suspense component is not much, but more emotional support, but the pace of performance is inappropriate, feeling that the plot is too flat some, but also reveals a conspiracy involving the Swedish government, and then in the third part of the political thriller type, which is even less interesting, and its mode is not away from similar Hollywood film formula, the feeling is that the lines into the local Swedish language only. On the contrary, the third film, in the treatment, Lisbeth showed an ordinary young girl’s soft and gentle side, combined with her difficult experience, more sympathy and pity, and a relaxed exchange of feelings between the attending doctor is a rare time of sunshine in this series. In the end, the film became a legal film, the courtroom debate and reversal than the political thriller itself is much more watchable, because Lisbeth in the whole series really let me feel too guilty, so see a few villains were finally punished, the psychological pain is also not ordinary.

From the series of films, “Millennium Trilogy” is a special case, that is, it is not to maintain a series of style continuity, on the contrary, it is constantly jumping, from crime to emotional suspense, from political thrillers to courtroom arguments, the last story is often buried towards the next style of story, in fact, this is quite interesting Design, but in the articulation I feel that there is still a lack of doing, especially between the first and the second part of this feeling is particularly. However, no matter which part, a style of the dark side of human nature has always been pervasive, Lisbeth after the appearance of a psychological with a twisted feeling, she is unruly, full of violent elements, and as the plot deepens, we see is her life witnessed and experienced the endless darkness of human nature, these darkness will shroud her, the sun can not penetrate. So, we see Lisbeth shows a strong guard and overreaction to external stimuli, in the dark world, she also “evolved” to the dark side, with bad life experience, instinctively to the dark human performance back to the world, it is she makes the whole story is full of critical meaning, from the first perverted heart under From the first perverted heart of the serial murder of young girls, to the last for the so-called national interest can be disregarded for personal life of the political shady, criticism of distorted family, deformed affection, corrupt system, and Lisbeth and the film “Millennium” magazine journalists face such a dark group, they struggle hard to try to dispel all this, and every time, when Lisbeth reveals a hint of the usual teenage smile, are makes me feel a welcome omen.

I recently heard the news that David Fincher is interested in winning the rights to adapt this film, which is a very interesting news to me, the crime noir theme, which is too right for his style, and I believe that in the atmosphere and the organization of the plot, David Fincher should have more promising performance.

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