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Dogville For Nicole’s hands with the gun in the air, for the light to shine

I read this story when I was a student: roughly speaking, there were several people on the dock to take a boat, in the boat is about to leave, suddenly from the shore came a man begging them to also take him along. Then one of the men on the boat generously said, “Let him come up, he has no other boat to take. But at the same time, another person on the boat came out and objected strongly, saying that the boat was already loaded and it would be dangerous to carry another person. The generous man accused the man of being unkind, and he tried to convince the other passengers on board to let the man who needed a ride get on board. When the boat reached the middle of the journey, due to the wind and waves or the load problem I can’t remember, but the boat was in danger and needed to abandon the weight. At this point the generous man immediately offered to throw the later hitchhiker off the boat for the safety of the others. It was the person who was initially strongly opposed to the idea who came forward to save the person’s life. Finally they went ashore together safely, and the generous man was naturally scorned by all the people.

This was originally an ancient text, after reading the teacher asked us to summarize the theme, I was unable to write it anyway, ate a zero egg. But over the years, most of those stories that I used to summarize the theme were forgotten by me, while this story I always remember. Because it was the first to tell me a truth. But the strange thing is that this truth I still can not exactly put it into words.

This truth was stripped away in the movie “Dogville”. And it was stripped more thoroughly, more bloodily. Because in that movie, there is not even the person who reveals the hypocrisy, not even the need for shocking waves, humanity is naked there. In the end they all died in the end, I just feel happy. Including the final appearance of Nicole raised the gun, are feeling radiant.

Watching this movie requires patience, and when you slowly accept the monotony of its almost nothing sets, you will find this new viewing experience is exceptionally wonderful. It is this unique way of viewing that allows us to focus on the inner workings of each person’s mind to observe its decay and squalor. The experimental nature of this film does not necessarily mean that it is pioneering. But precisely because it is not, it leaves us all with a bone-chilling feeling.

There are very few films that make me feel so indignant and unsettled when I watch them. Because most of the time, I am used to indifferently despise it in the face of ugliness. But not in this movie, no matter what, think about your own past and present, those who can treat it indifferently, either in heaven or in hell.

Grace finally understands that the one who is really arrogant is herself. She put the moral yardstick heavily on her shoulders, she thought forgiveness of other people’s sins was the greatest good, she thought the world was too good, and set aside good and evil too clearly. In the end, she harmed herself and others. But I don’t have any sympathy for any of them. The way she viciously punished the woman who had insulted her was to kill all her children, one by one, right in front of her, exactly the way she had tortured her. It didn’t matter if it was right or not. It’s fair.

If the movie hadn’t ended the way it did, I think all of us would have blamed Lars von Trier. This movie is like a thorn forest that all those who have naive illusions about the world should be tested by. It’s not that Lars von Trier didn’t show us the way out of this thorny forest, but this path is bloody and cold.

Because of those who have taught us what it means to hate, we are finally free from the foolish arrogance and blind kindness that have made us suffer. It shows us how we have survived and how we will live. So I see how radiant that path is.

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