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Vivarium Please do not over-interpret the film

After reading a lot of reviews from netizens, all kinds of divine comments, divine mapping, some involving humanities, some involving society, I decided to write this one after considering it for a long time. In fact, the film is not that complicated, just through the use of metaphors, straightforward narration of a story that some people think very carefully.First of all, the title of the film is called ecological box, what is the ecological box, in terms of human culture, ecological box is artificially created closed ecological environment, providing research and observation equipment. The beginning of the film is a close-up of the growth process of the cuckoo bird, a little understanding of some biology will know that the cuckoo bird itself is not raising young, but the eggs are laid in other nests, the first thing the cuckoo bird’s young break out of the egg is to squeeze out the other young birds and eggs that have not hatched, and the birds that occupy the nest will still be dedicated to feeding the cuckoo bird, until the cuckoo bird is larger than the adult bird They will still feed them. The bird may even starve to death because of the lack of food for the feeding bird due to the amount of food the cuckoo eats.

The second image worth noting is that when the little girl looks at the corpses of the two young birds, the heroine says: “This is the law of nature, only sometimes it looks terrible”. That is to say that this natural ecology of a very ordinary part of just. And the third noteworthy film images, is the male and female protagonists appear together in the picture to the two birds funeral, is mapping the male and female protagonists is the natural ecological victims, only this time humans are no longer at the top of the ecological chain. And the hero and heroine is like the two birds will be buried by the higher creatures absent-minded.

The third image worth noting is the man and woman coming out of the house and trying to drive away from the neighborhood (ecological box), the film uses a vertical overhead angle tracking or called God’s perspective. (Imagine you are observing the ant house, staring at an ant, is not unconsciously observed with this perspective). It means that they are already creatures being observed in the ecological box. At the same time the flat screen and in the road framed by the lines of road teeth travel within the road just like ants, but also metaphorically they are being observed by higher dimensional creatures. Later in the film there are also a number of shots of the ecological box is in a higher dimensional space metaphorically.

Then there is a flat narrative, the hero and heroine instinctively raised a child, the child grew up unusually fast. The child grows to adulthood and then abandons the adoptive parents to prevent them from entering the house, all echoing the growth of the cuckoo bird at the beginning of the film.

Therefore, the above points, the story of the story should be that there is a kind of human high-dimensional creatures, their ecological approach is similar to the cuckoo bird, not to raise their own young, but through the way of soft coercion to let humans to raise (later the boy back in the book close-up shots of the pages also have such a metaphor). And this is not the only ecological box built by this kind of human creature. Only in the high-dimensional form of three-dimensional display only this one. (Later in the film, the heroine chases this creature into the higher dimensional space and sees other couples that metaphorically use a lot of such ecological boxes exist) and the shock of the film is just to show the brutal side of the ecology in the way of the authorities, and this time humans are no longer the top of the ecological chain. Just a link in the ecological chain. And the end of the film is telling the audience that humans are not the protagonists, the ecological cycle continues. The reproduction of one species must necessarily compress the survival rights of other species.

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