Suspense Movie

Speak No Evil The herbivorous couple (sheep) and the carnivorous couple (wolves), eventually the sheep are eaten by the wolves

Horror films, always escaping the cycle of doom and gloom, perhaps that’s the beauty of horror films.The girl’s mom and dad, a herbivorous couple, the equivalent of sheep, representing obedience: a kind, almost cowardly couple. The first half of the movie, you can see, the plot is still relatively gentle, watch half, did not see the horror film to. Until I saw the boy’s tongue (the tongue that was cut out). There are a lot of metaphors in it to prove that the girl’s mom and dad are kind and cowardly: ① The girl’s mom, a vegetarian. Not eating meat means not killing. ② After the girl’s parents left the villa with the child, they came back and confessed everything in a stammering manner, so you can see that they are still frank and cross-hearted. There is no little heart. ③The girl’s father confessed with tears Always smiling at people (how like a goat) and working with people they don’t like. ④Eating at a restaurant and surprisingly letting the girl’s dad pay for it, while the girl’s dad surprisingly didn’t refuse and dutifully paid the bill. ⑤ The girl’s dad was trembling when he pointed out that the murderous couple shouldn’t be that mean to the boy. Isn’t that the irony of most people? Most people in the workplace are not like this: think for others, obey instructions, obey the command, obey the leader, do not dare to say a word. The girl’s mother and father said that they do not like drunk driving, do not like their daughter to be carried to sleep in the house of naked men, do not like to see others in public, the carnivorous couple began to plan to kill and cut off the tongue.

The boy’s parents, a carnivorous couple, equivalent to wolves, representing the hunt: should be killing countless people, those photos in the attic, is the death of one of the lives, left behind is a disabled child. In contrast, the boy’s parents are carnivores. No one can be allowed to say No. They are hidden hunters, you see them sometimes like wolves, sometimes like sheep. Like wolves: wine rack all the way back from the restaurant, music wild and unconcerned about the left and right. Treating the boy dancing with no compassion and fierce eyes. Like sheep: the girl’s parents came back to confess that they gave prepared a lot of programs, including going to the place of murder remote shouting, together with dinner, and the truth is that the girl’s parents constantly fall into the temporary surface of the gentle trap.

In the end, the girl’s father found out the secret of the murderous couple and drove away in the middle of the night; the girl’s tongue was cut out and the girl’s parents resisted but were beaten back. I thought there would be a reversal (I thought the girl’s parents would get revenge), but in the face of the murderous couple, the girl’s parents did not have a single resistance, and the two were driven naked to the pit and sentenced to “stoning”. The film ends dully with the girl’s head bowed and obedient. Boy: silence and obedience, no tongue, no speech.

Sheep and wolves cannot live together, they cannot eat together (herbivorous and carnivorous), they cannot play together (subtle and indulgent), they cannot live together (the bathroom bath, the different attitudes towards children).

I think this movie is a metaphor for a lot of: ① workplace herbivorous men and women, cowardly, obedient, afraid to express their views, afraid to resist, the final outcome is to be slaughtered

② As long as you do not listen to the bad guys, you will be cut off the tongue, because cut off the throat, you will not say anything, only obedient.

③Maybe only by resisting and fighting back will there be hope for survival, survival, survival.

The movie is another way to make people desperate, aiming to arouse the resistance, dignity and survival in people’s hearts.

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