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Hodejegerne A purely plot oriented analysis that vindicates the film’s supposed vulnerabilities.

I just finished watching this movie yesterday, at first, I also have doubts about many settings of the plot, I think the main villain’s motives can not be explained. But after careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that this is precisely the Nordic film and Hollywood and other films of God’s perspective only towards the analysis of the difference, he is closer to the real, the human nature of the analysis, but the Nordic film such a style will also make many people who only like to see the great detective Sherlock Holmes such a God level, the ability to make 100% accurate analysis of the suspect’s film to produce a variety of discomfort. Then I will explain it in detail below.

First of all, start with the villain Kles.

His purpose: to enter the Pioneer (different letters different translations, I look at the Lovecraft) company through Roger, the number one headhunter in Norway.

His means: 1. through Roger mistress acquaintance, from the subsequent episode, this mistress and Kles is a company, of course, the move failed, it is conceivable that if it is the use of this method, Kles on the talks with Roger, will be the same as the first interview scene in the film, Roger criticized him grossly, did not perform nine shallow a deep (put away).

2. By claiming to have a famous painting at home, explained Roger’s wife Diana. This method can be said to be quite effective, Kles in the face of Roger is also put away, the performance of the air of calm, so that Roger felt that he is simply customized for the pioneer company CEO (Roger is an art thief, but he has to do the right thing in life, he can steal a few prospective CEO home through headhunting opportunities, but also can not steal them all, always a proper introduction to a CEO to go).

The camera goes down, well coincidentally, the economic crisis Roger heard about the famous painting in the home of Kress, decided to steal. Here arose the first loophole, many people believe that Kles deliberately seduced Roger to steal the painting, and omitted evidence of theft.

The right solution: Kles did not know that Roger is an art thief, because of this is what led to his cheating was exposed. He also could not have left Diane’s cell phone by his bedside, because he could not have anticipated that Roger would call Diana from his home. This is exactly the ironclad proof that Diane was cheating on him. (Although at first I saw the back, I think Diana’s innocent eyes, and the ending of her love for Roger, has made her black to pink, and even I thought for a while that she did not cheat, was set up by Kles) That argument about whether to have children may be the trigger that forced Diana to cheat, in short, she must have cheated.

The camera continues down, Roger fierce not to let Kles find a job in Norway. Many people believe that the villain from beginning to end of Roger’s pursuit of seemingly purposeless, the motive is very unclear.

The right solution: here the motive has been very clear, Kles as a commercial spy, a step away from the pioneer company, at this time as an intermediary Roger a letter of introduction will allow him to join, or even, Roger at this time indifferent, has been in contact with the pioneer Kles can also enter the company by themselves. But bad is bad in Roger stealing paintings crashed adultery, and now to reverse the power, not to let him enter the company, which is really a bolt from the blue for him, because the entry is his biggest purpose, hinder this purpose, do not deserve to die?

The camera went down, so he used a covert killing technique, a poison needle, which, not coincidentally, struck Oweh. After a tangle, Roger killed Oweh. Kles should be through the nano-tracking found Roger did not die (killing move has been made, and then assassination may not be easy to succeed). So tracked over to want to talk. But he is not God, not Sherlock Holmes, he does not know what happened. Roger, who had already killed Oweh, was a bird of prey at this point, there was no room for negotiation, and fled. At this point in the audience for you are Kles, what will be the action? A person sees you so panic, nine out of ten is to grasp your deepest secrets, only to be afraid of your painful killings. Kles is also instinctive to track, anyway, regardless of three or seven, as long as Roger died, their own plans can also succeed, the secret will not leak.

* In fact, Roger did not know what Kles was up to until he was at his mistress’ house. And before that Roger simply thought that his wife and Kles had an affair and wanted to get rid of him, and Kles hunted Roger’s purpose is only to prevent Roger from hindering his own access to the pioneer company. This is exactly where the plot is set up differently from Hollywood blockbusters. In the traditional Hollywood blockbuster, the good, the bad always know each other like the back of their hand, there is never both sides of the plot development has a certain degree of leakage. Because I just said that people who are used to watching blockbusters, see this film will feel that the hero and villain will make some perverse actions, which shows that the director has chosen to walk the scene to let the character completely have their own perspective.

Such as killing the mistress of this paragraph, the audience may feel that Roger is a heart of love, and not a ruthless person, he has sent water to his mistress to pour water to go, mistress why should be desperate to kill Roger led to their own killed? If you were the mistress? What would you do, you are still in the last second by a man choking, gun pointing, you do not know this man as well as the audience, only know that he is a person who does things decisively, people in the life of the threat will make many excessive actions to protect themselves. And from the development of the plot, Roger quietly analyze the situation, after killing the mistress who cheated himself and may be like Cyrus at any time, is also a very reasonable choice, the mistress obviously want to get this. Her backhanded attack makes sense.

Finally there is a “loophole” in this film, and he is the Sleuth! This detective, his temperament, his demeanor, giving the impression that you can use to play a leading role. This is another point where I feel that the film is grounded. Reality and film is not the same, the film is often the protagonist and villain, and male two three four five six, often from the temperament can be distinguished. And this film in the detective, is a male lead temperament of the male number four. The audience is often deceived by his temperament, that he obviously let a lot of holes, is the ironclad evidence of the existence of the bug.

The right solution: this detective is a put the name of the generation, he is strong outside, utilitarian, his insight is slightly better than ordinary police officers, he faced Roger’s contemplation at the beginning of the film, after the morgue and Roger’s contemplation after the face-to-face, as well as his morgue to take the bag of peanuts (Roger’s hair) a number of questions, have proved that there is actually a little ability, but these questions contemplation did not allow him to comprehend the case The key point, which really is extremely consistent with reality. The reality is that there is no such person as Sherlock Holmes, no one can deduce the cause and effect of things through some details 100%, many suspects were caught after the confession to make many case officers to understand the motive and method of the crime. This detective is such a person, he is slightly capable, but that’s all. And Roger is a much more capable person, through his grasp of the psychology of others, in the last scene staged a flip, he planned everything, bet on his wife, to blame everything on Kles. He did leave a lot of loopholes, such as Oweh estimated that the death can have three days, and Kles’s death is not at all the same time, such as the cliff car accident he used the police to cover, the police also disappeared, there must be an explanation, etc., etc., but it does not matter, or because of the detective, he faced a television interview, the host raised a very illogical speculation (they are to celebrate the success of the theft and kill the farmer? Farmers?) , the detective with a constipated face, he knew it was not so, he had doubts, but after thinking it over, for the sake of his reputation and to make things easier for himself, he nodded his head and said, yes. This, again, is a reflection of real life.

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