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Lykke Per How did an unfortunate childhood really ruin him?

How exactly did an unfortunate childhood ruin him?The film “Lucky Per Lykke-Per (2018)” once again makes us realize the importance of a happy childhood for a happy life. The turning point from luck to misfortune for the main character, Per, is actually his withdrawal from the marriage with the main female character. So what caused him to make this extreme decision? I agree with the idea that “lucky people are cured by their childhood, and unlucky people spend their lives curing their childhood.” How should this be explained in the case of “Lucky Pierre”?

His childhood should be unhappy. Although the film does not have much footage of his childhood misfortune, but from the death of his parents, he did not want to go back to the mourning attitude, how much he should hate his parents ah, the key he wanted to cut off any relationship from the root (blood, faith), so it can be inferred that he really had a bad childhood. The misfortune of his childhood created his extreme self-esteem or inferiority, his strong sense of frustration, and his personality of “escape” and “destruction”.

At the beginning, Peer dares to pursue the rich girl, the main character, for his career. It should be said that poverty is not the source of his inferiority, and the difference between rich and poor is not an obstacle to his pursuit of happiness. His low self-esteem may stem from a sense of “impotence” to resist arbitrariness, which makes him easy to “give up”. He hates his father’s “bossiness” at home, and when he encounters any form of bossiness in society, he instinctively thinks of his father, and the way to deal with it is to “confront” him, and even if there is a disparity in power, that instinctive non-cooperation and even hatred will still show itself. So, when he encountered the tyrannical bureaucrat who denied his engineering ideas, he immediately retreated, and even though his prospective father-in-law later helped to get through, he was still determined to confront the bureaucrat to the end. We can accuse and even mock his “immaturity”, however, the reason for this is actually his family of origin.

Originally, the financial difference between his family and the female head of the family was not a problem, but once the difference made him feel a sense of subordination, then the difference was too much for him to bear. So, when he botched that consortium investment meeting, his fiancée blamed him for a few things, and his father-in-law-to-be condemned him for a few things, he had self-destructive thoughts of resistance, and the economic differences were mentioned over and over again, and he started looking for a way back. If we consider that this is a manifestation of his resistance to another kind of arbitrariness – money – then it can still be attributed to the influence of his family of origin.

Some say that extreme self-esteem is actually a manifestation of low self-esteem. When the inferiority in his bones needs to be masked by self-esteem, he will have a strong “desire to succeed”, and this desire to succeed is “extreme”, that is, a slight lack of success in his case is a huge failure. This extremity will create his strong “frustration”. To get rid of the pain caused by this frustration, he responds by “running away” and “destroying”. So, when he felt unable to carry out his plans, he broke his engagement and fled to the countryside to live a sheltered life.

Of course, his weakness is something he cannot hide by appearing to be tough. Although he fled his family, he eventually returned to his hometown, where he had intended to break off Catholic influence and, as a result, still married a girl from a Catholic family. The important thing is that this weakness, created by his family of origin, made his life difficult. He could not even face any “good”, he destroyed his own happiness almost to the point of self-abuse, and he could only be at peace when nothing good happened. Even if he didn’t get sick in the end, he couldn’t live a normal family life, and staying away from people was only his best choice.

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