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The Backwater Gospel Who decides the right to live back to the watertown gospel revelation

Maybe you don’t like the genre, but you have to admit that an American Western story full of violence, metaphor, gloom and gothic is really wonderful. This story brings us a grim thought, who determines the right of others to live? Is it death, is it power? The film tells us neither….

It is said that when the Grim Reaper appears, it means death is near. Most of the villagers in this western American town of Backwater seem to be convinced of this legend. When they learn that death is nearing their village, the villagers begin to seek a way out out of their human nature to avoid harm.

At first they choose the church, but not all the villagers believe in the church, with the exception of one man, the guitar-playing cowboy in the film. He informs everyone that death is coming. This news is like a bolt from the blue, so that the villagers in the church like a dream to wake up, the fear of death at this moment far beyond their faith in religion.

Since the church could not save itself, people began to choose to save themselves. Some sharpened their swords, some hid. The Grim Reaper finally came, but the Grim Reaper was in no hurry to act, just sitting quietly at the wellhead in front of the church, watching the village with those cold, eerie eyes.

Obviously the impending “unknown” has added to the fear of the people. So it is better to save ourselves than to unite together, at least to strengthen the courage. So coincidentally, they returned to the church, believing that the power of unity to save themselves, when the priest compelled the people is the cowboy to attract the god of death, the villagers were angered by the source of evil to the cowboy alone. So they killed him, but the problem did not seem to be solved by the death of the cowboy, but rather people found that death still stands in front of the eyes. The moment they killed the cowboy, it seemed that the villagers understood that every person could be the executioner of death and could put themselves to death. The last of the people’s faith completely collapsed, and a massacre was inevitable.

It is easy to see that when the unknown death was imminent, people chose to be their own god of death when their initial belief in religion changed to belief in themselves, and finally to the belief that unity could not overcome fear. Everyone feels that they have the power, but unfortunately no one, from beginning to end we find that the Grim Reaper is just a spectator he did nothing, each person died under the tragedy they directed, this is really a great irony ah.

In fact, all said and done, no one has the power to decide whether others live or die, their own right to live should be at their disposal, should not it .

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