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Oldboys Afterthoughts of “Young Old Boys

I have nothing else to do, and I’m going to turn on the TV and watch a movie while eating noodles. There are three main characters in the drama, a pair of soon to be CP, a pair of like friends also like father and son.

The main character, the old man, misses the bus and mistakenly takes a ride with the thief John.

And John is a righteous man, decided to take the old man to the race venue.

On the way, the old man gets out of the car (I forget why) but finds his sneakers still in the car, stumbles upon John’s car parked in a store, and witnesses John who is robbing. The old man is particularly shocked and ready to leave, but decides to quietly go to the car and get his shoes out.

Unexpectedly, the shoelaces stirred under the car (not sure how to describe it, I remember it was wrapped around something like steel, was it the floor of the car?) Anyway, after the robbery, John got into the car and closed the door, and the old man who was busy untying his shoelaces inside: Just after the robbery, put on a song high John from the rearview mirror to see is sitting up the old man, inside.

John, who was a thief, was a bit emotional, and the old man probably comforted him a bit, and the two talked. John told about his life, betrayed by friends and debt, forced to flee to here.

The old man also told his story, regretting to this day for not being able to go to his father’s funeral.

John drove the car to a church, looking for a heavenly father, for the old man to complete the regret.

During the period, they saved another girl who was almost raped named Jenny A man and a woman will certainly develop feelings ah w.

In the parking break, the old man to John all kinds of praise fairy daughter, but also advice, how not awkward chat (because John and fairy daughter to talk about the books read and other topics) and then the two talked about a car, especially love.

After that they went to a hotel. The old man looked a little young and a little funny in John’s clothes after the shower. The three of them went to a private party and had some drinks. As the two booze, the old man wants John to take advantage of the opportunity to be with his fairy daughter and asks him to confess to her about being a thief sooner.

While fixing the car, Fairy Daughter is alone in the car and sees the handbag full of money. (Before this, Fairy Daughter asked John about his occupation, and John said he was a psychologist. Another night, they stopped to repair the car, a police officer passed by and asked to this bag. John stammered of course, so the old man stepped in and explained that it was his soccer gear. (Fortunately, the police also watch football, more understanding and interested, but also spit the police team is very hot chicken 233, so muddle through) so the fairy daughter saw so much money, knew that John is a thief, very angry off the car and hitched a ride on a truck.

The old man persuaded John to go after that truck and go after the fairy daughter. But the fairy daughter still couldn’t accept it and had to ask John to turn himself in. The old man thought it was a good idea, John couldn’t keep living like this. Then John had a mind blowing breakdown and threw the old man out of the truck and drove off by himself.

The old man goes to the fairy daughter to say goodbye. The fairy daughter decides to go to her ex-boyfriend (I think it was her ex-husband, the fairy daughter has a son) to drive the old man to the race course.

While the game is going on, John shows up with the sneakers that were left behind and apologizes to the old man, goes to find the fairy daughter again, and after some conversation, walks up to the police: “I robbed three gas stations.” (This soccer game is this group of old men and a group of police old man fight, so there will be police) After John finished, three police officers roughly pressed him, fairy daughter went over to try to pull away the police, as the goalkeeper of the old man also went over to help their friends. (The old man who kept two balls in front of him, then accidentally let the other side into a ball, but it does not matter, which can have friends important)

Later in the story, John in prison, but also to help some prisoners, to ease the psychological. The old man paid the debt for John and found his destiny. Fairy daughter is waiting for John.

(Some clips in the middle. A group of old men did warm-up exercises and the coach asked them to dribble the ball to themselves. They all ended up slamming the ball on the coach and having fun. The coach is also infinitely spoiling them.

The driver’s dog died and was placed in his pocket in the car. A sharp brake exposed this. Everyone could not accept it and complained a little. But a group of people still dug a grave for the dog with an umbrella and buried it on the side of the road. There is a shot of the driver in the back with a new dog w hugging the dog and smiling straight.

The old man kept telling his fairy daughter that John was a good boy. Although some inevitable, but he really is a good boy.

At a restaurant, the old man orders a different dish than the one on the service, and John wants the old man to be a stand-up guy and get him to eat some healthy food.

This movie was only ninety minutes long and was quickly watched. But the plot is good, although it is all toward justice. A little touched haha  said Danish sometimes sounds like Thai … a little screwed xiao!

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