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Lilya 4 ever The most cruel youth

In the process of watching “Forever Leah”, my mood is definitely not pleasant, in more than a hundred minutes, I along with the main character in the film with broken dreams, together with despair, I seem to be in the presence of witnessing the death of a sixteen-year-old girl’s life, often with an innocent smile. When Leah carved “Forever Leah” on the bench, this eulogy phrase, whether it has already foretold her tragic fate.

God was so cruel to Leah, a girl from a small Russian town who experienced almost all the misfortunes that a young girl could suffer. Her father leaves her and her mother at birth, and her mother, who sees her as superfluous, abandons her in America with her American boyfriend; her cold aunt evicts her from her house and takes over her property; her cowardly “friends” stigmatize her as a prostitute in order to save themselves; and when she becomes an orphan in the social sense, she is forced to work as a prostitute in order to survive. When she becomes an orphan in the social sense, she is forced to take up the profession of prostitution, which she initially dislikes. When a handsome guy with a good heart came into her life, I thought a love would warm her heart, but the cruel reality is that she was cheated by human traffickers and trafficked to Sweden, when she became a prostitute in Russia, she at least had the freedom to do or not to do, but at this time, she became the money-making tool of the cold human traffickers, constantly brought to the front of one man after another, numbly subjected to Their destruction, the misfortune of a young girl is heartbreaking. Finally, exhausted, she chose to jump from the flyover, in a tragic way became “forever”.

It’s a heartbreaking film to watch, and the director uses an almost documentary style to show the struggles of a girl in life. Another character in the film is the precocious little boy, who, like Leah, is lonely and helpless, so he becomes the only friend of the equally lonely Leah, and only when Leah is with him can she experience a little happiness and warmth. The story of Leah and the boy is a story of a beautiful dream that was cruelly crushed by society. At first Leah had a beautiful dream of going to America with her mother, but was indeed ushered in by her mother to stay in her hometown. Finally, when she had to face the reality that her mother had abandoned her, her dreams were shattered and she went to a bar and became a prostitute. Then comes the boy with a good face and an evil heart, and her dreams of love well up in her heart again, filled with a beautiful vision of a new life in Sweden, but all she faces is the despair of becoming a sex tool for human traffickers to make money. In her desperation, her dreams keep showing the little boy who, in fact, committed suicide by swallowing pills on the day she left for Sweden, unable to face the lonely life ahead. In the final stage of the film, the director almost cruelly shows the miserable life of a girl, her eyes become more and more dull, her face becomes paler and paler, her mind becomes more and more exhausted, finally, she completely realizes that “life really sucks”, and after running helplessly through the streets of Sweden, she chooses to die. In the end, the film presents a rare glimpse of brightness, in a dream, the girl returned to the past, she recognized the traffickers’ scam, she stayed and the world’s only care for her little boy laughing and playing, and finally, in the sunshine of heaven, she and the little boy have become angels with wings, with a bright smile on their faces, but I look infinitely sad. Leah is an ordinary adolescent girl, with the unique dreams of that age, she is also the same simple, kind, although with the usual rebellion of that age, but she is not showing an innocent smile is beautiful, her concern for the lonely little boy is also very innocent. However, she is unfortunately facing the ugliest side of the society, and her age is not able to make her cope with these cruelties, the cruelty of the society keeps squeezing her, so much so that eventually she is completely destroyed, she experienced the cruelest youth, and then, her life abruptly ended, so that I could not calm down after watching it for a long time.

Forever Leah” is such a cruel movie, which brutally presents reality in the cruelest way, but it does not make you depressed after watching it, it shows the realistic side, showing the most vulnerable and lonely group. And after witnessing this tragedy, I think most people will emerge from the bottom of their hearts a trace of sympathy, in this world, there are many unfortunate girls such as Leah in the devastated, their lives are increasingly gray, their lives are withering, they are powerless to fight, only to endure, and can not withstand this dream of being ugly devouring the girls only with sadness and resignation, go into another world to Seeking peace, and our society will not change for the death of some tender young girls, most of their deaths are not known, and even if they know, people in this society will often say with a disdainful tone, “Look, these fragile people”, “Look, these cowards of suicide “. As if, there is not an ounce of reflection in our society, and those young girls are just sacrifices for a weak society. Let’s have more love for Leah, for children like that little boy, can they only run free and live happily in heaven?

Leah left this world with pain in her body and mind, but the earth is still running, life goes on, and I know that this light and strange society will not stop moving forward because of the two young lives it crushed .

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