Drama Movie

Breeder In the midst of desperate times, women fight back

In order to achieve this purpose, Auntie Heart is the chief scientist of a medical company, her main project is DNA transformation, the experiment is successful, not only can make people rejuvenate, but also can increase the upper limit of life, in order to achieve this purpose, Auntie Heart conceals the boss, constantly kidnapping young women, because most of these women are stowaways, so the disappearance of no one will go to the police or something.

One day, a Russian woman, kidnapped by two rotten people on the road, desperately trying to break free after running to the home of the woman, the woman asked her husband to get a blanket for the Russian woman, the husband saw the brand on the woman’s arm after the effort to take the blanket to make a phone call, the husband proposed that the woman should be sent to the hospital, but the woman felt that the woman should be sent to the police station, the woman said she was an illegal immigrant and could not go The husband proposed to send the woman to the hospital without taking the heroine. Then the husband sent the woman to the side of the factory, and someone dragged the woman away from the side of the car, and it turned out that the heroine’s husband was the boss of Aunt Mindy, and he asked Aunt Mindy what was going on.

The heroine’s husband also asked Aunt Mindy what was going on, because as far as he knew, all the experiments were supposed to be voluntary. Aunt Mindy told the heroine’s husband not to ruin the experiment, while on the other hand, the heroine called the hospital, but the hospital had no record of her husband. The heroine located her husband’s location and rushed over, but the husband had long since left. Aunt Mindy saw the heroine wandering outside the factory through the surveillance, and opened the door to let her The woman entered the factory, followed the road to go forward, the result of the foot organs open, the woman fell directly down, the phone directly to the scrap.

The woman continued to walk along the road, you see a laboratory , a woman was tied to the table, is being carried out a certain experiment, at this time, the woman was attacked by a man behind the sneak attack, although the woman also resisted, but helpless power disparity, or was caught in a room shut up, the husband returned home to see the positioning of his wife, called to ask the heart of the wife how, the heart of the aunt said you The wife is very good, while the other side, the heroine was treated the same as the experiment, was changed into a uniform hospital gown, branded, the rotten people also urinated on her, the husband went to find the heroine, but also did not save, because the rotten people only listen to the Aunt Heart, Aunt Heart threatened the heroine husband said, as long as you do not interfere with the experiment, will not put the heroine what, the husband promised on the surface, but the heart has another plan, ready to wait for an opportunity to rescue his wife The day an experimenter is ready to escape, caught by the rotten people, directly hit the head, the heroine is also ready to take advantage of the chaos and escape, the heroine’s husband is also ready to take advantage of this opportunity to save his wife, but still did not succeed, the husband was also beaten badly by the rotten people.

Besides, Auntie Heart, really took the heroine as an experimental subject, gave the heroine an internal injection of modified sperm, and then put the heroine into a cage, where there are many experiments, they are like sows waiting to give birth, the rotten people who manage them, simply did not treat them as people, the heroine never gave up resistance, she first started from urinating and defecating anywhere, the rotten people responsible for managing the heroine, began to beat her violently , ready to make an example of her, the heroine pulled out the dagger from the rotten man’s pocket to give the rotten man a knife, but still not the opponent, or in the other side of the fight, just when the rotten man leaned on a prisoner’s iron door, the woman pulled out the dagger from the rotten man’s pocket and gave him numerous knives, the rotten man was subdued, the heroine pulled out the key from its pocket to release all the female prisoners.

All the female prisoners in the escape, not in a hurry, but hold a group of resistance, rotten people’s retribution finally came, a rotten man, strangled alive by the women, another, tied to the women on the laboratory table, beaten to death with a stick, the heart of the aunt looked at the women so crazy, afraid of their own retaliation, in front of the women took a screwdriver and committed suicide, the story ends here.

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