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Mens vi lever Very delicate reconciliation of feelings film, when the accident happened, it feels like the whole world collapsed

Because memories and reality are mixed together, synchronized with the advancement, so that people look confused. The story of the two sides of the accident, especially the same line of interpretation, but also let people look at the confusion, I was watching and then re-watching, finally figured out.

When the accident happened, it felt like the whole world collapsed, not only the families, but also the two sides of the accident, and even the people who were in love, as if all the people who survived were alive. But in the end, everyone chose to forgive, reconciliation, forgiveness, although the wounds directly to the heart, but still bear the pain, forcefully tear the wound, so full of misunderstanding, unhappiness and escape from the blood flowing freely, I think when the blood dried scab moment, all the unhappiness will be dissipated, because after all, each other entangled, hard to let go, cut, seems to be a mess…

The story begins five years after all the misfortunes happened, the hero works on a ship and through hard work becomes a regular employee. One day, the hero’s father comes to tell him that his foster father is sick and hospitalized. The hero hates his father more, as if there is something wrong with him, everyone is emotionally rusty, and the father seems to be drunk before he dares to knock on the door. The hero rushed back to his original parents by car and visited his foster father in the hospital, and the two hugged. When he came out, he met his adoptive father’s daughter, who was also his ex-girlfriend. When the girlfriend asks him when he is ready to leave, he says soon, and she leaves unhappily. When they meet at the bar in the evening, his girlfriend tells him that the two have a child who is five years old. The next day the two and the child go to see their adoptive father together and the daughter states that she wants to buy some of the bar that her mother runs and the father does not comment. At this point the mother came and scolded the man away with a bad attitude. At this point recalls the big unforgettable night when the male lead was living in his adoptive parents’ home because his mother died and was passionately in love with his adoptive parents’ daughter. The adoptive parents also had a son who was as close to the hero as a brother and often went in and out in pairs. The hero’s best friend is attracted to a girl in his class because of a poetic text, beautiful. But dating this girl hurts the adoptive parents’ daughter’s best friend because the best friend is also close to the boyfriend’s best friend who is a classmate. At the party that night, the adoptive parent’s daughter’s best friend saw the male best friend kissing the girl she was attracted to in class and was jealous, so she ran away. The hero’s best friend went to look for it, and the hero also rode the adoptive parents’ daughter’s best friend’s electric car to take his best friend to their once favorite place to look for it, didn’t find it, and had a car accident on the way back, and the hero’s best friend passed away, so the hero’s girlfriend ignored him, and the hero just had to stay away from home and go to oblivion with all his might, and through hard work, had a stable job and a fiancée. But this time back, let the hero decided to seek reconciliation and forgiveness through an apology, first, his best friend’s father, which is his own adoptive father often mentioned him, miss him, in their eyes to leave, but also always want to let back. There is also the father who did not provide help for his shelter after the accident, also took the initiative to contact him; his girlfriend also told the fact that they had children, forgave him and reunited; finally the adoptive mother resented him because of his escape, but when the hero called out his mother to contribute to her bar, the adoptive mother also kissed him. In fact, many of the hurdles they can’t get over, just their own lack of courage to face and beg for forgiveness, perhaps say it, bravely face it head on, will make everything easier.

The bloody youth makes people boo, but escape is ultimately not the solution to everything, the adoptive father gave the male lead a final chance to return, leading to reconciliation. The hero resisted at first, but in a twist, he chose to face and seek forgiveness.

The film’s scenery is beautiful, a vast, colorful lush forest; turquoise diamond-like sea, the shore of the ship, and broken cliffs, fairy-tale houses. The interlude is beautiful to listen to. The pain hidden in the heart, the hot tears flowing between the eyes, the delicate acting of the actors is moving, a very comfortable rhythm. The hero and the heroine are beautiful, their eyes are azure, so charming.

“If when hatred, my heart still has unwavering love;

When sad, there is still indelible laughter in my heart.

when panic sets in, there is still unshakable peace in my heart;

Then, I will find that.

Even in a severe winter, there will be a summer in my heart that will never fade away.

And that will make me happy!

Because that means that no matter how much the world crushes me.

There is always a better and stronger force in my heart.

I am resisting!”The poem that my adoptive father left us all with at the end shows the power of forgiveness and reconciliation to make love pervade …… “When We Live” Whether it is fortunate, or not, is not known, carrying the guilt, inch by inch, is not happy! Only forgiveness and forgiveness can redeem everything!

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