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Unga Astrid Everything is the best arrangement

Sometimes you can’t imagine what a woman can give up when she is convinced of love.Convinced that his man loves him, convinced that he will marry her, convinced that his man loves her as much as she loves him – this sentence is much more complicated than Astrid’s view of love. She thus because of a few words of her lover – to say a few difficult things, to play the grandchild twice, she went alone to give birth to a child in a foreign country, and alone to endure the pain of rising milk back home, and then alone to go to see the child in silence, just for the man to be decent and marry her.

The man finally decent, she finally also left him. The awakening was very enjoyable for me because I was expecting an “abandonment” from the beginning of the movie, maybe the man abandoned her after all, or maybe she finally awakened and left her lover, but fortunately it was the latter.

But in a certain position, I may be able to understand the man’s starting point, he certainly has a reasonable consideration for him, in order not to risk, he would rather give in to this gentle and obedient secretary, anyway, they can not lose.

In the end, the man finally proposed, and in the hotel where they were warming up, she escaped.

The love you gave me was not what I thought it would be, I didn’t care about you, but you took everything into consideration.

My favorite part of the whole movie is the part before Astrid fell in love and the part after the breakup. Before that part she was free and beautiful, like a leaping elf in the mountains, she shouted at the sky on a snowy night, questioning her mother why boys and girls come home at different times, she had the most beautiful look of a young girl. After the breakup she was independent and alone, silently figuring out the best way to take care of her children, she loved her children with dignity and also eventually reaped the benefits of her love.

And my favorite part of this movie is when she walks with her son in the mountains, sometimes by the river, sometimes lying on the grass, and the music at the end gives the movie a beautiful ending.

The song is called “Springa”, and the translation I found is “running”.

The film’s female lead is not particularly stunning in appearance, her makeup is simple (a consistent style in foreign films, presenting a natural skin state), or my favorite type of film (drama), as if It’s about the emotional experience of an independent woman growing up, so I decided to download the movie and watched the whole movie today in my spare time.

The whole film tells the story of a new century woman from a rural child to become a famous fairy tale writer in the early years of the process, the director’s skills can not be said, whether the warmth of the first family emerged, the middle of the hot love with the child’s father, or later the pure mother’s love are expressed in the water, the best.

As a male viewer, I hope that the heroine will eventually come together with her children’s father, watching the progress bar of the movie, until the last 5 minutes, the two met in the church, nodding from afar to greet, saddening, indeed, the adult world is the main theme of separate, analysis of the heroine’s choice, perhaps from the pressure of parents, or perhaps can not serve the role of stepmother of seven children, or experienced the conception of a new life, to find the way they really want to live. The heroine’s courageous love and hatred are a sign of women’s independence.

The female protagonist will initially fall in love with a man of similar age to her father, perhaps because of her mother’s strong fatherly complex at home, or from the countryside to the high-end life of the city, but in the end the two look at each other from afar, I feel slightly regret inside, perhaps this regret is more real, closer to the main theme of life, the film was released in 2018, when I was still on the road of emotional bumps and bruises, and now I am a father, the focus shifted to work. The film was released in 2018, when I was still on a bumpy emotional road, scarred, now I am a father, the focus shifted to work, the whole day to face the pressure of the workplace, it is really emotional, the play is like life, ah, experienced the birth of a daughter, can really appreciate the sincerity of the mother’s love.

How should we spend our lives, perhaps when we are old, we will understand the meaning of life, the movie is good, when we are young, take us from the dimension of a lifetime to experience the long ripples of life.

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