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The Cave There is a great danger in this film

The sound of warplanes and children’s laughter layered together was creepy. “Is Allah really watching us? ” the cross-examination hit me. Faced with a doctor uttering, “Women should stay home and raise their children,” attacking people with chemical weapons …… It’s amazing how unbelievable this is but it’s still happening, it’s amazing it’s still happening. The various angles of this film are not very original, but this kind of original thinking still has an incomparable power to shock the heart. Nowadays, many creators are stuck on seeking new and strange, but ignore the power of these original issues, ignoring that the problem is not being solved. This documentary, then, can bring some thought to the creators. There are a few bittersweet episodes that are very interesting. The more extreme the circumstances, the more important it is to talk about something beautiful. There is no obvious plot line in the film, most of them are scattered pieces of life. This method will highlight the shortcomings of this method and make the film long and boring if it fails to create distinct characters. I don’t want to make criticism, this kind of film has the power to make people unable to criticize. After watching it, I understand more about Mr. Lu Xun’s state of mind that “studying medicine cannot save the Chinese”. The last shot of the war burning in the night is very good. There is no way out” (there is nowhere to escape) at the end of the film, many people boarded the bus to leave their hometown, the body escaped, the spirit is still haunted by fear. This is the desperate “There is no way out”. The entire film documents the reality of the Syrian civil war from a hospital perspective. The country is in chaos, hospitals are littered with bodies, cities are in shambles, and the country is scarred. There are also religious social issues mixed in here that I won’t go into. I only focus on one thing, are you afraid of war? Do you desire world peace anymore? If you are like I said, then please calm down, you are being used.

What have we seen? Everything that has been destroyed by war? The despair in people’s eyes? What you see is too real to be true, indeed cruel indeed horrible, because it is the most intuitive feeling brought to you by appearances, and only a very few people can overcome the physical pain.

How can humans not have weaknesses… The clever capitalists have taken advantage of our fear and goodness to control us and make us the victims of war to gain more profit from it. War will not go away and the world cannot be at peace. Once war breaks out, the people are left to suffer and to pray for those vain hopes.

Why dictatorship? Be nice to the people, and the country will be stable? To give you a very ironic example, every day you beat a person, and one day you don’t, he turns around and thanks you; every day you treat a person well, and one day you don’t, he turns around and blames you. The reason is very simple, how terrible is the desire of people, get a dollar want 10 dollars, get 10 dollars want 100 dollars, too much money to spend want to have the right to rule the world. Everyone desires power, but there is only one so-called leader. I think even monkeys know that there is nothing that cannot be solved by force. Between people is, between countries is more. There is no blackness or darkness, this is the desire to form a law.

Far from it, that’s why war is such a good helper for capitalists, to make us suffer, to distract us, to give us a little hope once in a while, so we can learn to be satisfied. I want to thank them for not beating me today, my collective is so good, I’m going to keep working for them. Wake up, they don’t care if you live or die, they use you to humiliate you and use you as a gun. Only your family cares about you, you care about yourself, how true haha…

(After seeing “China” and this film, I am more convinced that what people see under the camera is the surface, the decaying streets and the faces of difference, that contemporary people always explore why poverty, the purpose of irony, and the never-ending truth, but rarely take the time to let themselves gaze at the surface above the causes.) Excerpted from Re. first save it for possibly useful.

The Oscar winner this year is the American factory, all Syrian documentaries are posed, all Syrian documentaries are supported by Western powers, all Syrian documentaries bash the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, all Syrian documentaries never say anything bad about terrorists and the opposition. For the sake of program effect, these documentaries do not hesitate to harm people’s lives. The real poor Syrians, no one cares what they want to say.

The White Helmets have so much self-directed drama that I want to vomit when I see the Western angle. Aren’t documentaries supposed to be unbiased, not helpful or biased. How to buy and sell human organs how not to say, abduction of children and women not to say, terrorists everywhere killing not to say, sincerely hope that the war in Syria immediately end, so that Syria back to that rich and beautiful era.

On the other hand, Syria are so, can win the national football team, think not understand.

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