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Hawaii, Oslo One Man’s Angel

After watching “Woe”, I followed the director and found his work “Hawaii in Oslo”. After watching it, I was very impressed, why is such a good film so little mentioned?Of course, as with many cold movies, watching this film also requires patience, especially the beginning of the film, can not attract you immediately into the scene, but the beginning of the suspense to support you to look on. The more you look at the taste, the more you come out, it is a very delicate structure, life is like a kaleidoscope, simple but changing, people are interlocking, everything is destined.

The beginning of the movie is the car accident in the dream of the protagonist, all the characters in the movie, are present in this car accident. The car accident in the dream is finally fulfilled at the end of the film, only the object of death has changed, everything else remains the same. This car accident strings together the whole play and all the characters, forming a box structure in which each person’s fate story is self-contained and interrelated. The kaleidoscope of scenes in the film is an important image, i.e. the essence of life is simple, but the phenomenon reflected is complex, just like a kaleidoscope.

There are two most important characters in the film, the mental hospital staff Weddell and the mental patient Leon. Vidal is a person with the ability to predict that everything he dreams will become reality, so he is also very painful people. As for Leon, all the characters seem to be related to him and all the story revolves around him. Vidal is the one who takes care of him, and he worries about his dream all day long; Asa is his girlfriend, and the two agreed eleven years ago to find Leon on his twenty-fifth birthday to get married; Leon’s brother is paroled from prison on this day to celebrate his brother’s birthday; and other characters, such as the two children, the mother of the children, and the ambulance driver, they all cross paths with Leon; and the cutest of all, the unlucky over-the-hill singer The most adorable is the unlucky singer, who first tasted the joy of having a son, but then fell into despair, and he also passed by Leon several times in the film.

The relationship between the characters also formed a correspondence, such as Weddell and the little black girl who delivered the letter, forming a pair of angels and messengers; Leon brothers and the pair of wandering little brothers, in fact, is also a metaphor, Leon brothers when they were the same as the pair of little brothers? The over-the-hill singer’s love for her newborn son is also in stark contrast to the mother of the pair of little brothers who abandoned her own flesh and blood. The core of the play, of course, is the correspondence between Vidal and Leon, who, like the German box structure, contain the entire story. One is a staff member of a psychiatric hospital, the other is a mental patient; Leon is posted everywhere in the film looking for Asa, while Vidal is searching for him in the streets; Leon appears in Vidal’s dream at the beginning, where he dies in a car accident, while in reality it is Vidal who dies. If Leon dies, then the relationship between these complex characters will be tied in a dead end here, and everyone can not be untied. The death of Vidal, on the other hand, allows life to return to normal and the deadlock to be untied: Leon’s brotherhood will still exist, his engagement to Asa will be carried out, the mother of the young brothers may fall in love with the ambulance driver, the young brothers will experience the warmth of family again, and the over-the-hill singer may go to America to bring new life to his son.

Vidal is Leon’s angel, his angel alone, and it seems he was born for him. Leon trusts him the most, and only Leon can see the feathers that fall from Widal’s body. And Vidal seems to have only Leon in his heart, from the beginning of the movie, he was alarmed by his dream, and was worried about Leon’s fate, and was trying his best to change this unbreakable fate. Although he also dreamed of the terrible fate of others, and even dreamed of the fate of the baby, but he did not worry, nor did he want to change the desire. As an angel, he knew that fate could not be changed, the prophecy once set must be carried out, he could not go to terminate the wheel of fate, he could only use himself to exchange for Leon’s life. Leon mournfully stroked him, and Vidal closed his eyes in relief. His feathers rose, and perhaps these fluttering feathers, only Leon could see, because Vidal was only Leon’s angel.

But Vidal was an angel of pain, and he was not only Leon’s, because his redemptive death actually saved all of them.

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