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We Shall Overcome” Denmark based on a true story.The film is a bit confusing at the beginning, but as the plot unfolds, the main theme of the film becomes clear: the principal punishes Frits corporally, and after a series of struggles, the principal is finally punished. It seems to be very simple, but the psychology of the characters, the struggle of the mind is the most prominent highlight of the film, so that people do not know into it, and therefore the ending is not so concerned. The simple plot gives people more time to think, everyone can find what they want from it, every kind of emotion, every kind of thinking is unfolded in the process of the storyline is unfolded, feel like they are also dispersed .

I didn’t know what I wanted to express for a while, I couldn’t calm down for a long time .

The opening chapter, the father.In the summer of 1969, a small town in Denmark, the fields are a harvest scene, the sun is bright but does not make people hot and lazy, just feel the feeling of happiness flowing in the sun. The main character Frits, a young boy in the sixth grade, is about to start enjoying his summer vacation when his father is admitted to a mental hospital in the morning. It all comes so suddenly. And so the story begins.

In the film, the slave trade, colonial rule, hippies marching against the Vietnam War and the struggle for black rights make it clear what such a simple story is about, the struggle. The confinement of the mind, specifically from the outside force to make people lose confidence, but more terrible is from the inner self confinement. The film portrays Frits as a stubborn, brave and confident person who dares to fight against this external force (yet his inner self-imposed confinement makes him helpless, and Frits just doesn’t want to believe in his father’s sudden accident). In the real world, everyone confines themselves in a virtual cage and cannot break free, which also confines others outside this cage to create a larger cage for others, perhaps saying that this is a barrier, but for themselves is not precisely a cage, perhaps instinctive self-protection, but everyone is trying to find a way to break through, what kind of method is it?

Later on, Father told Frits that he was just worried about losing everyone. However, just a few wisps of breeze but lead to a wave of evil, not confident that people unconsciously seek a way to stop the pain with pain, to use this to retain this happiness, desperately suppress the feeling of happiness, the more worried the more fear, constantly put pressure on themselves, and finally all kinds of emotions burst out but can not find a way out, look at the father then stared at Frits eyes can understand this feeling. In life, a small thing, an article, a movie can cause this kind of touch, we are hit by a variety of tidal wave of emotional outbursts, unconsciously shed tears, but once these are confined, we will be how?

Frits’ grandfather, an old man who supposedly lay in bed before Frits was born and wouldn’t come down, always repeats the phrase: “It’s always better to die first. It is clear to everyone: Grandpa is not sick, yet everyone acquiesces to the existence of this condition, why exactly?

Olsen, one of Frits’ teachers, a teacher who was also beaten by the principal, can cynically teach his students history that doesn’t fit the facts because it’s written in the book, and he can be obsequious in front of the principal without feeling a trace of shame because he’s completely compromised.

Fredy in the parade, Frits’ Danish and music teacher, one of the characters who deeply affects Frits, tries hard to resist, but his inner lack of confidence makes him give in at the crucial moment, and Fredy apologetically tells Frits: You have the courage I don’t have. Is it true that there is no courage?

The principal, a group of people in control of the school, but they also gave in, although some of them are dissatisfied with the principal’s actions but still no one to fight, they gave in to themselves, even in the final announcement of the principal’s death, they still have not awakened, this is the mainstream of social reality, no one can change them, but there are always people trying to change.

The principal, a stern old man, had taught many people in the town, and naturally, had punished many corporally. From the beginning to the end he thought he had made a lot of contributions to the school, and also thought that corporal punishment was necessary ~~ I think whoever has met a similar person, but such a guy has no integrity, it really does not deserve any pity. The principal seems to be a confined person, which reminds me of Chekhov’s novel “The Man in the Trap”, as if the principal is that individual Rikov, but when you think about it, who in the end is the man in the trap?

It seems like a water flowing without a ripple, year after year, day after day, but Frits strikes a beautiful splash like a stone.

Frits had long blonde hair that seemed to mimic the hippies of the time, so it made the conservative principal quite unhappy and he was warned on his first day of school. The long hair may be a sign of inner rebellion, but Frits is just a kid, a kid who is open to new ideas and kind and compassionate. He believes that everything that is not right should not exist, but the reality confuses him, so the sense of resistance becomes stronger. this is Frits often lying in the haystack Frits often lay on the haystack and recited aloud the words of the famous Martin Luther King’s speech (Martin Luther King was assassinated for the freedom and equal rights of blacks and whites), which was a manifestation of the struggle for rights and intellectual bondage.

Frits admired Martin Luther King (which is why he had the best English grades in the class), and not only that, Frits played the record of Martin Luther King’s speeches he borrowed from Fredy’s teacher to his grandfather and father, translating every time he played a passage.

“I HAVE A DREAM…” Martin Luther King’s speech with a slight trill can make everyone uplifted, that is the excitement before the victory, must be full of confidence and fearless courage.My father, who was thrilled to hear Martin Luther King’s speech.

Grandfather and father are thus inspired to finally leave the bed they have been lying in for years, and father and mother, with the support of Fredy’s teacher, are determined to fight against the principal.

There is more to come in the film.

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