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Shrooms Reaper mushrooms are the original mushrooms that become death after eating

Death mushroom is actually a very old story, a line of young people in search of excitement came to the forest park in Ireland, the result of the heroine mistakenly eat the magic mushroom, ignorant of the situation did not know killed all the companions, and finally she learned the truth, but has become a psychopathic murderer.Although this story is cliché, but also in the general framework to get some creative out, but the director and screenwriter is still the same, the ending is not any new ideas.

One of the problems that I personally struggle with is the magic of mushrooms. Although the heroine ate the magic mushroom that makes people extremely hallucinogenic, but the mushroom is also really powerful outrageous, the heroine was a devout Catholic, changed the nature of people not to say, there is no period of effectiveness, it seems to be a meal into the devil. But the heroine in most of the time and maintain a normal human behavior and mentality, killing without knowing. In fact, the plot of the heroine’s killing process is planned precisely, sharp means, see the right moment, the strike when the strike. Could it be that the mushrooms are intelligently controlling when the heroine is normal and when she is perverted? And in the process of perversion showed the excellent qualities of a psychopathic killer?

If the director can lay out some of the heroine’s psychological problems, such as childhood shadows or her father’s long-term demanding pressure on her, then the violence and perversion that erupted after the heroine ate the mushrooms is more reasonable. There is repression before there is an outbreak, and the heroine seems to be living a happy life, how can say that outbreak into that? The main heroine of “Dark Invasion” is able to use her companion as bait in the end, also due to the previous plot fully paved her husband and daughter’s psychological trauma and the discovery of her companion is the kind of resentment of the mistress.

Well, the death mushroom is very good and powerful, eaten after the goddess of faith into the god of death, for the time being, after eating the mushroom heroine as schizophrenic it, sometimes good, sometimes bad, intermittent episodes, so it can still make sense.

I don’t know why I always feel that the female lead looks more like Spiderwoman Dunst, the male lead appeared in Eastwick, playing a role of both good and evil, but here in vain to do a wrongdoer, originally thought that he and the female lead still have some emotional exchange between the play, the results to death did not spark to. The plot is a bit dragged out, completely compressed to 45 minutes, there should be no padding, too much insignificant padding, but the film’s picture style and some skills still have highlights.

The ending is a bit of a sequel for the sake of sequel flavor, the heroine learned the truth and killed the police and fled into the deep forest, which is which play? The police do not know the truth about the heroine’s murder, killing him is meaningless and can only expose the heroine’s identity. Moreover, the heroine should be shocked and pained by her own behavior, simply say she was stimulated to crazy killing spree, or simply a strange smile, sinister in the end to the truth buried forever, so there is still some room for reminiscence. And after killing the police ran to the forest, is she ready to be a savage from now on?

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