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Efter brylluppet Just too much love, right?

A similar movie that comes to mind is “A Day Without You”. In it, the main character, knowing she only has her last three months, sets herself eleven things to do and completes them one by one. These include: finding a suitable person for her husband and children to spend the rest of their lives with; allowing herself to love again; seeing her father and recording a blessing for her children until they are eighteen ……

One of the subtle similarities in “After the Wedding” is that the main characters in it, both give their family members arrangements without their future lives. Although the two compared, the latter story is slightly tame, basically no plot intense let people dizzy place, the only emotional catharsis of the last moment, he cried in her arms, really fucking bastard, fuck it, I do not want to die, fuck it, why me ……

White carnations tightly clustered around him, white coffin, silent mourning look solemn and mourning a black-clad relatives colleagues …… he still went, this is what he always knew.

He must especially love her. Although rarely to express. Twenty years, he treated her is: always arranged all her life, things are not big or small. He accepted the baby in her womb as if it were his own. He respected them as mother and daughter, and told his daughter on her 18th birthday that her real father was not me, but I treated you as if you were one. How many men can do this.

He has a successful career, a happy family, a son and a daughter under his knee, treating his mother with care, how many people, have such a life.

Twenty years, enough to use a huge army after another to help his daughter to find his real father, enough to let his wife find his first love, open his heart. But he didn’t.

I love you all so much, for one minute, that I don’t want anyone else to share it so much as to lose it.

All this, until the moment he himself knew he was sick.

Why let his family see his sick languid face and painful struggle, helplessness and grief in the face of his body’s torment? Just hide it alone.

If you know that your early departure is just destined, then arrange the life of your wife, daughter, son and mother, and choose a suitable person for them. Years of happy family life wife and children all dependent on his care and attention, the loss of his, how to survive.

So, the daughter’s real father, his wife’s first love, became the best choice.

In the name of charity, he invites him back to his country and lets him attend his daughter’s wedding to let him know the truth. He delayed to allow him to spend time with his wife and daughters again, and everything was implemented gradually according to his idea.

It is too much love that makes him like this, right? To personally put everything behind him, his favorite, in the hands of someone he thought he could trust to take his place, all seemingly unchanged. And finally, he left, the man he invited over to zipper up his son, all déjà vu, the hands of yesteryear, have been long in the ground, and he, can finally rest assured? Despite a thousand reluctance.

The performance of each person in the film is subtle and introspective, and the way the story is told is seemingly uneventful, but with a delicate touch.

Notice that the director in many cases, the close-up on the facial expressions of the eyes, the different eyes of each person, and even the eyes of the deer head hanging in the living room ……

Seldom see such a lot of focus on a part of the close-up, quiet and silent, but the eyes, but the only window to the world of the mind, in which I see clarity, quiet, calm, sorrow, pain, helplessness, sadness and fatalism.


Everything beautiful, finally have not beautiful day.

Is very hateful, like his angry rant: fuck, why me.

But, no, can, patience, what. It is you.

In addition to smiling goodbye, only try to arrange, to minimize the hurt, so that the wife, son and mother can be over as soon as possible, to do so, what is the love, how easy it is to talk.

Just, in the proof of the world, who left who, can live again at the same time, if there really is a heaven or in heaven. He was up there silently watching their happy and joyful days at the same time, is there a trace of sadness? Such a life, once so close to him, so familiar.

This thousand kinds of taste, live or leave, their own taste, afraid, there is really no way to overcome, because, no one can make their own choice, everything, only to the destiny.

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