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Europa A very enjoyable film

This film is awesome. But not too famous. Many scenes are more shocking. It’s not the usual contemporary war films that go all out to put the blame on the Germans.

The young boy shot the mayor on the train who was working with the Americans, the German partisans who were hanged for resisting the Allies, the American control and maneuvering over Germany. All of this is something that a typical WWII film would not cover. From here I can see that Europe, and especially the Germans, were always antipathetic to the Americans. Who is really righteous?

The Germans also sacrificed for their country and nation, as the German millennials said, they sacrificed for their country, but fell as criminals.

Piper has said that history is written by the victors.

In this world there is only mutual weakness, there is no real justice and righteousness. The Chinese Zhuangzi said, the world would have no absolute ethical standards of right and wrong beauty and ugliness, the theft of hooks to kill the theft of the state. Not the same irony? Why do humans have to label themselves so many beautiful.

The film was half watched and I couldn’t resist posting a review. I can only say that this film allows people to really look at human behavior and history is very deep, or the general film did not have the courage to it.

The Americans are actually very smart, and the Germans admire their thinking in controlling and destroying Germany’s post-war resources. The American colonel who had the criminal Jews turn around and prove that the German businessmen were good people was also very surprising. Americans are still so pragmatic today. In contrast, the Nazis were actually much more direct.

The film is a unique approach, the beginning is a large section of hypnosis and the picture of the railway tracks, and the whole film seems to be a lot of fantasy and realistic, alternating black and white color. But I feel that this approach is not messy, but can reflect the society and human behavior as a whole. For example, the German teenager who shot the German traitor (when the Americans appointed the mayor) is realistic in color, frankly facing the American gendarmerie’s submachine gun, while the American gendarmerie is the film-style fiction and black and white tones.

This is a good film that does not make our thinking too superficial and formulaic. Perhaps the truth of history itself is such that, in all shades, it will not be a label color.

I have seen similar films, one is Europa and the other is the Czech Vienna Express.

The Soviet-style films, including the customary Soviet black-and-white approach, are actually political films, a manifestation of the policy of fooling the people. It is also an insult to history. If so, we can only ever childlike to look at the world simplistically, and will not learn to understand and understand more truly, the world may be more ugly and blurred than we think, but perhaps this is the real world, I like this subversive sense of reflection angle, only then let people have a kind of inner painful shock.

Perhaps, those who fail are equally admirable. Unfortunately, human beings have always succumbed only to power, and have decided to have their minds and spirits subliminally controlled and exploited.

Borges said it well, Germany lost though and suffered all the guilt and humiliation of the war. The pain. But they fulfilled their historical mission. It was probably just their fate, and the Germans did not escape this fate of theirs. From this point of view, Boggs says, perhaps Hitler was not entirely unjustified. It is perhaps wise for an Argentine writer who resents Nazis and pro-Germans to say such things.

It is the one who escapes his fate that is truly shameful.

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