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Nymphomaniac: Volume I Pure Sex

When a teenager is obsessed with pleasure, there is a wooden horse at home, straddling the friction, get pleasure, but also feel ashamed. There was no partner to share it with, and I didn’t know who to tell. Gradually, there was a sense of guilt and a lot of uncertainty in my mind, and after the pleasure, I fell into a great emptiness, and this complex emotion was very disturbing. Later on, we came to understand that our hidden desires are actually poetic and radiant, shining in the darkness of the night for ages. It is so natural and so smooth, like a chapter of classical music, which makes up Lars von Till, and also the heroine of the story, maybe joe, and maybe ourselves.

Joe is every woman’s repressed addiction in her heart, she has amazing beauty, she has deep desire, she is deadly reckless and fearless, destroying everyone who touches her. She walks stealthily and nakedly through the thundering wilderness, a momentary flash of light illuminating her, and the ground she walks through is like a scorched earth. She walked in the wilderness accompanied by a majestic symphony. She was so pure, as if she were a thirsty walker in the desert, asking for more and more and more, like a bottomless pit.

What destroys the beauty of this pure sexuality? Lars von destroyed it with love. joe’s female companion b whispered quietly that the most crucial secret ingredient of sex is love. How grand, how righteous. She has given our desire a fancy dress, she has given sexual desire an evil face, she has reduced our invulnerable addicts to slavery in the name of love. She tries to explain it with love, not knowing that such an explanation is like a heavy shackle, like a red-hot iron, like a rope that binds us to a tree in a primeval forest, splitting it with lightning and turning it into charred wood, emitting a foul smell.

This is the sin of love. joe gradually has a sense of guilt, she thinks she uses others to get satisfaction, she wants more and more. Her companions had turned their backs on their path, and she had only herself, and what was love? Such ugly and unfamiliar words strike our hearts with a bang. And what is love? Is it a growing number of coitus? Is it a change of position? Is it a candy prize for a train sex contest?

She later also fell in love with a man, it is difficult to say why that is, even she herself can not understand, maybe it is the loneliness of seeking but can not get, maybe the thrill of chasing prey, maybe it is wave after wave of desire after the emptiness comes. She began to create all kinds of chance encounters with this man, spying on him at his residence and fantasizing about various positions of intercourse with him. She even wrote a long, heartfelt letter, intending to give it to him, only to be dumbfounded by the news of his impending marriage. She had such contempt for the word, love, it crowned, it made our hidden desires no longer have the purest beauty, it carried a destructive power, everywhere it went was like ruins. Love is disorderly and chaotic, it distorts everything, love reduces human instincts, love brings us humiliation, it makes joe’s full concern for sex eventually become the loneliness of longing for love.

The movie quotes Edgar Allan Poe’s “The House of Usher” as to what kind of emotion loneliness is. Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher”.

One long day in the dull, gray and silent autumn of that year.The heavy clouds hung low above the sky.I rode alone Through the gloomy, exotic countryside.
At last, as the night slowly falls.The cold landscape of Usher House was revealed to me.
Sex does not explain our loneliness, and neither does love. What they have in common is the attempt to gain strength by satisfying needs from others. And we all know that this is the greatest delusion of all. So, what is the ultimate destination of our loneliness?

Only death.The father had delirium. The father she loved so much, the one who told her that the ash tree was the most beautiful tree in the world, the one who loved to tell her stories about plants. Like Edgar Allan Poe, it is a terrible disease, caused by chronic alcoholism, after which you fall into a sudden despair, your body goes into a state of extreme panic, you see all kinds of the most terrible visions, your various systems slowly fail, and finally you are left with nothing but fear, which lasts until death. In front of her beloved father, she saw death, and she couldn’t help but get wet in the face of fear. The father is the first person of the opposite sex we come into contact with in our lives. Our love and hate, our love and desire, nakedly speaking, all come from the father.

For a more profound explanation of our sexuality and love, death and loneliness, Lars von gives us the final answer – Bach. Bach reassembled simple hymns into polyphonic music. The uniqueness of polyphonic music is that each of its sounds, a unique melody, but combined together, becomes a harmony. According to Lars von, Bach used the beauty of mathematics in his music to complete the musical harmony, such as the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden mean sequence, is present in every aspect of our human social life, architecture, art and even music. The polyphonic tone technique created by Bach, 14 syllables, features small recurring fragments with three vocal parts, representing joe’s three lovers and the sex addict’s constant craving for sex. The basic tone, symbolizing one of her lovers who always arrives an hour early, is understated, predictable and unquestionable. The left-hand harmonic accompaniment, symbolizing another of her men like a wild beast cheetah, precise, fierce and aggressive. The right hand fixes the tune, which is the third vocal part, the secret ingredient of sex – love. When she finally unites with the love of her heart, she says, suddenly confused, I don’t feel anything anymore. I don’t feel anything anymore. Here the story comes to a halt.

When different lovers intertwine into a harmonious piece of music, sex addicts get the most pleasurable pleasure from it. If we have to look for the root of our strong desire, it has nothing to do with love, it is just a desire, a desire to fall before the brilliant colors, a desire to change the polyphonic melody, a desire to occupy and possess. It is the greatest instinct in the world, beyond the physical, beyond the emotional.

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