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Ginger Rosa Just a few words about “Ginger and Rosa

It’s not a good movie, but it’s a very subtle one. The director’s thoughtfulness is evident in too many places, and Fanning gives a stunning performance in many of the film’s details. First of all, the divorce of her parents has put the movie’s Ginger in a rather special environment, so the spiritual pillar of her life becomes special – her father and her best friend Rosa. Her father, a literary young man, is decadent and uninhibited, but gives her encouragement to pursue what she wants, and what she gets from him is freedom of thought and passion for her dreams. Rosa, as Ginger’s best friend, instead becomes a source of family energy for Ginger. The two similar girls playfully rebel together, participate in their favorite clubs together, and pursue things that have nothing to do with them, but it is these that allow Ginger to fill the absence of home from having friendships. But the story of the film is often so love to tease the main character, when the two seemingly unrelated spiritual pillars collide to fight together, relying on their lazy to survive, that is, the Jingier face is broken and helpless. When Ginger found out that her father was with Rosa, her helplessness was inevitable, and her breakdown was inevitable. In a crying scene near the end, Ginger broke down in tears, which is her protest against the injustice of life, but also her long-held feelings to vent, she was just a young girl who should be wandering in the flowering season, life’s many for this young heart is too much too heavy. Fanning proves herself to us here with her unprecedented performance tension. The first is color. Before everything happens, Ginger is immersed in her small circle of life, and the whole movie is full of sunny tones, simple and warm, and these colors gild Ginger’s life with a layer of sunny gold; however, when the father is with his friend However, after the discovery of his father’s affair with his friend, the whole movie becomes dark and sad, with only gray and black everywhere, full of helplessness and uncertainty, just like the heart of Ginger, full of helplessness and fear. The second is sound. When Ginger is still enjoying her simple life, the background music and surrounding sounds are all docile, simple music just like Ginger’s life; similarly, after the discovery, the music is gone, filled with noisy noise, just like Ginger’s mind, noisy and disorderly. Thus, the delicate side of the female director is again revealed to the fullest. But the good thing is, after everything calms down, Ginger starts to look for hope again, which is another commendable detail – Ginger’s poem, when she finds her father with her friend, she can’t see the future in the dark, she helplessly lends her mind to poetry, so she writes a poem about “End of world”, when When everything calmed down and a ray of sunlight shone through the window, Ginger’s mood calmed down and she gradually let go of her guard, as if she was willing to slowly look into the future, so she wrote a poem about “Future”.

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