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All about Him Snabba Cash

Kinnaman took off the high heels of the woman next to her at the dinner and slammed them on the table, saying that high heels are a symbol of male genitalia that suppresses women. A woman’s voice said, No wonder I always prefer higher heels.He half lay on the grass and said, this is one of the most beautiful dawns I have ever seen. The woman beside him asks, “Can I kiss you?Kinnaman smiles with a deep line around his mouth and a fake smile, so one can’t tell if he really wants to smile or just laugh.

He jumped on the bus while chasing the person he was going to pick up, and used his sunglasses to keep his hair back and straight, and his face still looked very clean, even though he was doing something illegal.

Just shoot his walking back, there is a little side face, the character will be three-dimensional.

Stiff white shirt to match the body black suit, said to the escaped prisoners lying on the ground, this is my student dormitory.

He wore a woolen hat and woolen plaid scarf, giving a sense of winter just after showering and wrapped up to go out, clean, dry, cold air hovering over the warm skin.

He plays Holder, the whole thing is looking down, going down, pessimistic, misanthropic, bored, but can be relied on.

Inside the movie, he is clearly ambitious, and how well he can disguise it is also seen through.

The professional financial knowledge in front of a group of fraudsters to talk about how to buy banks to cheat money, I think some of the very well learned economic management graduates in the future is this way out ah.

When talking business with the banker, all large close-ups, the background is a window, so the white light filled, and reflected back to his face. From the eyebrows to see people, but after all, not a long time in the world of veteran con man, can not do as if nothing, calm and comfortable.

Kinnaman is good at this part because he is not acting. Or do not feel that he is acting.

A thin black cloth is tied behind the head, and the lines of the face are divided just right.

Hair was fixed by hairspray meticulously, a suit simple ironing, and a group of scruffy and ugly drug dealers walking together, but a little in charge of the frame, but rather like a student going to practice, wearing formal clothes because of the solemnity, and the boss is flip-flops old man shirt, because the boss anyway.

Or those people in that scene just right, dirty, vicissitudes, vulgarity, materialism.

And he has big enough ambition, but still a blank sheet of paper, so clean that he is only worthy to bring the big boys to the sense of defiance.

Others praise him he smiles, laughs no problem, and actually really happy.

American gangster movies are too little to watch.

Save someone’s life, but also all do not take it seriously. Only young enough to do this kind of thing.

The woman is not a good candidate for the job.

The Swedish language to speak without opening the mouth, after learning to consume a lot less calories.

Help people to cheat the door open, look at their own group violently beat that family, men, women, a stunned face yo, this child, too young, really.

Had a big fight with his girlfriend, in a bad mood, ran into the little girl said hej to him, he still had the breath to hej back.

He repeated to his girlfriend yelled that sentence, no subtitles do not know what it means, with bad Swedish hearing heard why and like me.

Is, why do you like me,But if so, I should have been able to hear the du as well.

It was such a little too refreshing guess.

Later that atmosphere grim conversation, he moved a knife cut like the front face, there and others side face the same degree of refinement.

Later wear a hoodie wearing a woolen hat, but rather more like a social mixer.

Holder is also a hoodie, bigger, more ill-fitting and a little better looking.

Dead a person on the tinnitus, mixed with what triad ah, go home and sell sand county snacks.

The large white light when escaping. Icy constantly repeating soundtrack. Like this movie as boring as the gun battle footage.

Crying in the car.

A thought becomes a demon.

The blonde hair, which is always well fixed by hairspray, droops and is stained with blood.

This director does not know what the problem is, obsessed with making each character’s spit clear.

This time there is a big mosquito in the dormitory in the end how to break ah. I really want to die. Why in November I have to fight with mosquitoes ah.

It is so much more aggressive than me.

It is so much more aggressive than me. No amount of killing intent can kill it in space.

Finally the girl went to see him in prison, stripped naked for the guards to check, clean and slim back, flat shoulders and arms.

In fact, he is not worthy of her.

The music at the end has a murderous air, and so do his eyes.

That’s when you want to make the second one.

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