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En forelskelse Clear as a lotus flower, transparent as blue water

In the afternoon, I inadvertently searched for this film.First, I was attracted by the innocent face of the young boy, and the introduction was good.Then I made a cup of coffee and sat on the bed, the film is very short.

The best drama award in Denmark is worth a look.

The film, commonly known as the cp is the uncle with too.The teenager has a naive and innocent face, the uncle has the warmth and maturity of a father.

The plot simply goes on as time goes by, the teenager and his girlfriend’s father are getting closer and closer, the uncle’s thoughtfulness slowly permeates the teenager’s heart.

The teenager’s heart sprouted some unknown feelings, candlelight jumping when the dinner of youthful glances at each other, from time to time, staring at each other’s out of mind.

Finally, in a hunting trip with only two people escaped.

The carriage, dense and complex ambiguity, the teenager gouging his fingers, some nervous staring out the window, the heart is naturally complex and confused.

Teenagers sometimes turn their heads to secretly look at the side of the uncle’s face, the eyes accidentally revealed the tangle.

Suddenly the teenager plucked up courage, a kiss fell on the lips of the uncle, the uncle stared at the teenager pushed away, the two faces can not hide the embarrassment, the teenager lowered his eyes, playing with his fingers, whispered a sorry.

Uncle still stared at him, and finally Uncle took the initiative to hold the teenager’s head and deepen the kiss. The sweet feeling at that time also rushed into my heart, so specially depicted this paragraph, very healing, very warm.

After this kiss the two were very awkward, and the distance kept growing.

The girlfriend’s questioning, the teenager’s inner uncertainty.

All through this small actor silently expressed.

It can be imagined how much pressure the teenager is facing.

The same sex emotions that are not favored, the world is judging some incestuous age gap is very large feelings.

The teenager should not confess his feelings, even if there is only a little hope to continue, is not it. About their feelings,I think their feelings clear as a lotus flower, transparent as blue water.

There is not a trace of material requirements, only to seek two hearts happy, so clear and clear.

Just that one look will fall in love with each other.

The whole movie is filled with the taste of confusion.

The whole movie is full of confusion, the concentration of emotions, but also with the return of the mother and daughter and was poured a pot of cold water.

The final goodbye, the helplessness in the eyes of the uncle, the pain in the eyes of the teenager.

Even the hug at the time of separation has to be careful for fear of being discovered by others.

The teenager should be no regrets, at least they loved, even if only a little, the feeling of two people snuggled together.

The two people’s feelings are as transparent and clear as the boy’s eyes.

Some people say that is not considered love.

But.”Some people, once met, will be a million years; some heartbeat, once started, the water is difficult to close.

It should be the most suitable for this teenager, right?

Love at first sight is rarely believed in real life.

But who can deny the beauty of two lovers, love at first sight?

Whether it’s between the same sex or the opposite sex.

All hope to get true love and grow old together.

But how many of them can really be together?

The majority of gay movies really end with never seeing each other or dying forever.

The softest part of the heart is touched at the end, and it will cry along with the protagonist, lamenting the end of a good relationship.

After the parting embrace, the teenager dried his tears with the rhythm of the beat, leaving the uncle’s home, running to the streets, running to unknown distant places. It is intriguing.

Not quite the end of the end makes people think, this open ending is thought-provoking.

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