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The Island on Bird Street Will. Commitment and hope

I watched this movie in winter one year… And the movie season is similar.A feature film, I was as nervous and scared as a horror film. When the screen finally showed the film after ALEX became a writer and the film is based on his true story, I was lifted up in awe… This kid is great! Dad promised ALEX that he would come to him, and ALEX promised him that he would wait for him safely. That’s the kind of commitment that sustains little ALEX, and maybe also daddy. The promise of the people they care about is their hope for survival, their motivation to live.

Think of all those people who gave up on life. I really want to show them this movie. ALEX often risks being taken away by taxes and losing his life to go to the abandoned ghetto to find food and supplies in order to survive. The young actor’s acting is great. Many times the fear in his eyes infected me… He bets his life on dating a pure-blooded girl. He gambled his life to take a bath. He gambled his life to save a grown man…

ALEX’s willpower is terrifying. If it were me, I think I would have become a painless struggle, and then reluctantly give up on life. ALEX’s struggle pinpointed, he rebelled against life he did not give in to reality, he was quietly great…

ALEX’s struggle is a very important one, as he fights against life and does not give in to reality, he is quietly great. The mouse who kept his promise with him died, and he was devastated. ALEX uses a matchstick to count the passing days on a sandnet. When he finally closed his eyes and fell asleep, I thought of the little girl who sold matches and wondered if his father had died, and finally he imagined his father coming to get him ….

He fell asleep. I don’t know how many days later the gentle sunlight came in through the cracks. A man appeared. I cried, is there really a scene of his father to pick him up? Yes, there was a scene, but Dad was not dead. Everything was so unreal. Maybe ALEX was thinking the same thing as I was, and the first thing he said when he jumped into his dad’s arms was: Is it true?

The ending was good. I still cried. For ALEX’s bravery, kindness, strength, intelligence and his strong faith. This is a good movie, the plot is real and tight, making us slowly and deeply desperate, but finally sent us to heaven with ALEX.

Now whenever I want to give up I think of ALEX’s spirit. The power of commitment and the hope he brings…

Here’s the plot I found on Time.com

In World War II, in a large abandoned factory in a walled ghetto, the Jews lived and worked in fear and fear, and their numbers were getting smaller and smaller as the Nazis would come in from time to time and take some of them away, first women and children, then the elderly, and later all of them, and their fate could be imagined. In a purge, a father wanted his father and son to escape, they were ready to fight with the Nazis, but due to someone snitch, failed, then that grandfather in order to let his grandson live, righteousness accounted for out, his young grandson temporarily escaped the disaster, hiding, that grandfather left only a hat on the street.

The story here is officially opened the curtain, the little boy firmly believe that his father will come back to him, he stuck in that abandoned factory, accompanied by him only a small white mouse. When people reach the limit of survival, they will explode with unimaginable ability and wisdom. When I watched the film, I was always worried about the little boy, who had no food or water, and had to hide from the Nazis and the remaining Jews who were lucky enough to be in hiding, who were trying to survive. But he survived, even like Robinson, with a “tree house” of his own, in that high corner, he looked through a small window pane, a telescope to observe the “peaceful” world outside. That world did not belong to the Jews. In the telescope he met a little girl, a doctor. There is no doubt that the boy is intelligent, brave and lucky, but what impresses people the most is his persistence. In the middle he had two chances to get out of this indefinite wait with seemingly desperate future, once when he saved a Polish underground party and the man wanted to take him away, he refused. Once was when the little girl’s mother wanted to take him away, and he likewise refused.

The Jewish wall was pushed down, the little boy was in danger of being exposed, and he looked helplessly and blankly at the world outside that was closing in. Finally with the fall of his tall tree house, the outside world was once again closed to him. He fell from a high place, his little white mouse also died, he climbed again to the beginning of the piece every time his father came to him in a cave, he was exhausted, held a funeral for his little friend, and finally lit a match to record the days he waited for his father, as the match burned, the little boy lay down, what else could he do?

At that moment the sunlight outside became softer, a pair of feet kicked open the closed bricks, and his father walked in, calling his name! The warm sun shone on his father’s body, so surreal. The little boy crawled out of the rubble, jumped into his father’s arms, and his first words were: Is this real?

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