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Kærlighed for voksne Love is risky, marriage requires caution

The whole story is the old police reasoning told to the daughter who is about to enter the marriage hall, I hope she can understand after listening to the sweet love will also be washed by the long time after the marriage is completely different.

The story of the man is one of the co-owners of the architectural firm, operating properly, so people to middle-aged career money double harvest, met a younger and more dynamic female employees after the third, life is a second spring, but the problem lies in the third is not actually young, so the man forced very tight.

The main wife from a variety of traces to find signs of cheating husband, feel their own marriage after more than a decade of white pay for the water, so the performance of the main man to die with the look of the net, the main man’s career early financial fraud handle, also pinched in the hands of his wife.

So, the main man panicked, the unit of the van out, ambush in the wife often run the path, and so see the wife passed, suddenly accelerated into it, hit a fear of not dying through, but also reversed back and pressed again.

It is estimated that the first time to do such a big loss to the husband, nervous to return home, the buttocks have not been sitting still water has not had a sip, found the wife back intact. See here thought to open the vengeance of the evil spirits to claim life mode, in fact, otherwise, just a temporary change in the wife running route.

The result was a neighbor who was almost in shape and wore almost the same clothes (death is really wrong), the wife saw the man lost his soul, and thought he had come around, in the secretly happy time, a car wash card let the wife know the truth.

The wife was devastated, but as an adult, soon calmed down and came up with the good idea of threatening her husband to get the mistress killed. It turns out that the wife is not a good fighter, when she was young because her ex-boyfriend snapped with another girl, she pushed him off a cliff and fell to his death, and she escaped legal punishment by pretending not to know. After many years, the old business again, the style is not reduced.

The main man reluctantly agreed to meet the mistress instead of hesitating to get down, or follow the wife to the result of the mistress, and then the two intimate cooperation with the handling of the body.

Since then, the man and his wife live happily together again.

The story is told, the police daughter’s wedding is about to begin.

In fact, the male owner also understands in his heart, the mistress sees more or his name and profit, if the net, I’m afraid will also be swept away by the mistress.

The youngest is only slightly younger, looks more energetic some, and some professional female charm. The wife is still clearly better than the mistress when she was younger.

The biggest reversal is that the wife, who was originally sympathetic because of the male lead’s cheating, was not a vegetarian in the early years, and her husband’s cheating and ruthlessness to put himself to death induced a ruthless factor that had been latent in his personality for years, completing the metamorphosis from sheep to wolves.

In the world of adults, there is no simple word, and there is the old saying of the instructor: the joy of fighting with others is endless!

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