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Copenhagen Still lucky

The movie is a casual find, but I cried watching it.The main character is Will, who is unpredictable, uneducated, unqualified, and inexplicably angry with people, thinking every day about how to sleep with a few more beautiful girls. When he threw a picture of his father into the river, I was so angry that I wanted to turn off the computer, thinking how he could not realize how precious these pictures are, how there are such childish and ridiculous people in the world. It wasn’t until I learned about his family and his father’s brief life that I understood how helpless and lonely this child, who hated him everywhere he went, was.

Will’s grandfather was a Nazi when he was young and was imprisoned, and Will’s grandmother was scorned for being with a Nazi and having her head shaved. But when Will’s grandfather was released from prison after serving six years, she was still full of hope to start a new life in America with her husband and children. But Will’s grandfather disappeared, and only mother and son came to the United States. As you can imagine, Will’s father had a hard life in Copenhagen under the scandal of his father, and then moved to a foreign country with no one to turn to, and his early childhood has been very difficult. He hated America, he hated his father, so when he was 8 years old, he wrote a letter to his father that was never sent, which said, “I will never be a man like you.

So Will’s father must have wanted to be a good father and didn’t want his son to spend his childhood like he did, but Will never saw his father smile until the day his father disappeared when he was 14. Will’s father died alone.

Effy, the heroine, is lively, smart and beautiful. What I didn’t expect was that Effy’s father ran away before she was born, so she had never seen her father nor had a picture of him. She has such a deficiency, so she has been trying her best to help Will find his grandfather. effy’s mother and her boyfriend are separated, the family is dilapidated, and the boyfriend is emotionally dishonest and has nasty thoughts about effy. She was smoking and drinking at the age of 14.

The two people met, in fact, is the redemption of each other. effy in accompanied Will to meet Will’s father’s uncle, only to know Will’s family so unfortunate. The two of them are in fact redeeming each other. She lied to Will and said, “Don’t you want to see what makes your father happy?” Will, who had been depressed after learning that his grandfather was a Nazi, only became interested in enjoying the trip.

Effy helped Will experience his father’s upbringing and get to know his father better on the trip, and Will went to see his grandfather, who finally read the letter and asked if Will’s father had been a good father, saying, “No. He didn’t know how to be a father either. He doesn’t know how to be a good father either.” Will had already forgiven his father for hurting him, and he understood his father’s helplessness, pain and confusion about life because of his grandfather, and helped him tell him about this hatred. And he, at the place where the Baltic Sea and North Sea meet, began to think about how he would love and be loved.

Will has never known anything but to hurt people, but when Effy falls for Will and wants to sleep with him, Will stops him. It wasn’t just because of the law, he looked at Effy sleeping in the morning light and smiled. His heart must have felt calm and warm because he was guarding this young girl who had been helping him, like an angel. For Effy, 14 years old bean, because Will’s love and cherish, and cherish themselves more, so hate teenagers, looking forward to grow up, she finally in her mother asked how to spend her 15th birthday, decided to go to Tivoli, and and mother happy memories of the experience of going to Tivoli as a child to play.

So this movie is not sad. Two sad people start a new journey after meeting each other. Will is lucky compared to Will’s father, who has been unhappy and lonely all his life, while Will is no longer a 28 year old bear and is starting to figure out how to love. Compared to Will, Effy is lucky that at 14, she will not fall because of her father’s departure, like 14-year-old Will. She, with the warmth Will gave her, takes her mother’s hand and lives on with hope.

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