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Dear Wendy You were never actually God

I was suddenly surprised to hear a familiar voice when I clicked on Dear Wendy, Jamie’s voice, warm and friendly. Although Dick became very stupid because of loneliness, walked on a twisted path, and finally lost his little life, but it did not stop him from being cute.I have always thought so. As early as when I was watching Wandering on the Roof.Halfway through I actually kind of wanted to turn it off, the conflict that followed Seba’s appearance irked me a bit, and I’ve never had much tolerance for conflict because I don’t have a broad forehead. That area of the brain is responsible for control. I can also see all actually Seba is the most sober person, looking at a large group of people running around in boring costumes, how old? How old?

There is no shortage of places like this in the UK, but I don’t like it.

Those whose lives are lost in solitude because of lack of self-knowledge and self-love are never accepted and appreciated by me, a person who tends to be a random Japanese personality. But Jamie is an actor, and he has done a great job of making me come out of the audience to see this play, to see it because of him and not because of him, and that is the highest praise for an actor.

In fact, idealists like me without ideals, without any fantasy ideas of fantasy mania, really can not be realistic. Loneliness is also the usual thing, paralysis, numbness, lethargy life since the farewell to childhood has been accompanied by life, and deep-rooted, like Dick as gentle as Wendy told soaked my life.

But I knew someday I would get rid of it. I never thought I’d be a permanent loser either. i never even thought people saw me that way, but Dick was different. The members of the sex snatchers club were different, it was a delusion. Seba came along to awaken Dick’s self-perceived confusion.

Seba showed him that the lonely bully hiding behind a gun hadn’t left himself, ever. What’s more, he only sensually perceives the loneliness sweeping back, not understanding what the confusion is all about. It is in this way that tragedies and farces are born from ignorance.

That chaos that goes like this, “I’m a hangman, I’m a pacifist, a pacifist with a gun.” “You are not as strong as Seba, still weak, timid, afraid.” Who is not, in fact, compromise is just a tactic, moreover, a claim to peace. The more common war in this world is the opposition of not seeing unity, right in the fabric of your own being. It’s in the unilateralization between the left brain and the right brain.

The ego never acts alone because there is no separate ego, compromise matters, the Self matters. As long as the ego does not see the Self, there is no such thing as self-knowledge. Then, even the kin-like Wendy, the God-like Wendy, the Wendy who is one with yourself cannot save you, only her bullet will pass through your chest and you will fall in a red paint of loneliness brought by your youth.

Let yourself become a fire-like existence, and non-existence.

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