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Noi albinoi There is no escape from life

Iceland’s small towns always look beautiful and quiet.When I opened the door in the morning, I found that the snow in front of the door was even higher than myself.So I went back to sleep.

To wake Noi up.

Grandma shot out the window with a shotgun.

Noi was shaken out of bed.

He started his day.

While noi was eating breakfast.

Another character appears.

It’s his father, a cab driver whose life is in a mess.

He came to pick Noi up from school.

The teacher says to Noi that you should go to night school.

Noi looks at the busy students and asks the teacher how busy everyone looks.

“Yes, I’m taking a math test.”

Noi, who had borrowed paper and a pencil, wrote only one name and turned in the paper.

The teacher said, you wrote your name, at least there is 0.5 points I laughed so hard at this.

Noi is a smart kid.

He can pry open the slot machine in the grocery store to adjust to 3 of the same color, close the machine and wait for the coins to crashAnd then buy a bottle of beer to drinknWhen he didn’t have anything else to do, he’d go to the bookstore owner and play guess the ball.

Win a few pornographic magazines and flip through them One day there was a new clerk in the grocery store.

It was a pretty girl.

Noi was attracted to her.

While in the bookstore, noi asked the owner about the girl.

The boss said if you look for her, I’ll break your neck.

She is my daughter.

The school finally tried to save Noi.

The school finally tried to save Noi by asking a psychiatrist from the city to talk to Noi.

The smart noi picked up the Rubik’s cube on the table while they were talking.

In a few minutes, he had it all together.

The doctor figured out that this kid was not ordinary.Actually, I missed one point.

Noi likes to stay in the basement of the house.

Turning on the dim chandelier with music Immersed in his own world.Noi and the grocery girl ran to the museum at night.

The other name for the grocery girl at this time was noi’s girlfriend.

They play with a map.

Each little light represents a place in the world.

The first one lit up was Beijing, the second was Hawaii.

Noi asked his classmate to get a tape recorder and put it on his desk at school to record the lecture.

As an excuse for skipping class.

Of course, the teacher was enraged.

Noi was finally expelled.

And at the same time, his father was at home, throwing a tantrum at the piano.

Before noi told him that he was expelled.

Dad said Noi, don’t give up everything like me ….

On his birthday, his grandmother gave him a western mirror.

It had a fat chief in it and the beach in Hawaii…

Our lovely noi wanted to run away with his girlfriend.

He stole a car, went to rob a bank with a shotgun, and was treated as a joke by his acquaintances.

Finally, he takes all the money in his account and buys a handsome suit.

To pick up her girlfriend.

She didn’t go with him.

And he didn’t get to go, but was arrested by the police.

Grandma asked a fortune teller to calculate Noi’s future.

The fortune teller was anxious and said he couldn’t see anything but destruction.

Dad found a job for him at the cemetery.

He and the cemetery manager bargained over the depth of the hole to be dug.

Destruction comes anyway.

After the avalanche.

Trapped in the basement, noi was rescued by rescue workers.

In a makeshift tent, Noi eats noodles and watches the news.

“A total of 10 people died in the avalanche, they are…”

Noi suddenly froze.

Her grandmother, father, girlfriend, bookstore owner, fortune teller, friend, and principal flashed on the TV one by one.

When I saw this, my girlfriend held my hand tightly.

I think it’s not only because of the ease of life but also because of the loneliness of noi’s future.

In the ruins.

Noi found the entrance to the basement.

Back to his own little world.

Hawaii in the Western mirror.

The sea is slowly coming up…

At first, I pronounced his name according to the French pronunciation.

I found a very strange big mouth shape.

It was only in the movie that I realized it was “Haunted One”.

Icelandic is really hard to say.

It’s like Icelandic people don’t get angry or panic.

Whether it’s Nói’s grandmother or the bank girl he’s pointing a gun at.

The only one who panicked was the gentleman who told Nói’s fortune, and he was unfortunately killed in an avalanche.

In fact, I was a bit confused after watching it.

I don’t understand why only Nói is still alive.

Was the so-called destruction aimed at other people who were living in peace and seemed to have more future than Nói?

When Nói tried to take the girl away, her confused expression really made people feel the urge to grab her hand and shout, “What is the future?

What is the future? What if there is no future?

Hawaii is our future! Crossing this ocean is our future!

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