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Bobbi Jene Naked Dance Barbie: The Language of Dance

The Naked Dancing Barbie Dance, too, is a language that is difficult to describe. This film is also a better reference, after all, is the nature of the documentary.

First of all, as the film shows, dance is first and foremost the art of the body, and the beauty of the flesh itself, as well as sexy seduction, is an inescapable issue.

As Barbie said when talking to her friends: it’s the same for dancers and actors alike, everyone says to look provocative and sexy. But you can’t get angry, or you’re a bitch. Actors say that all the time, and girls can’t get angry. Don’t talk too much, don’t get angry, and stay sexy.

I saw Basiva at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and I went to a dance company where the director was a heterosexual male, which I was so lucky that most dance companies are not. He wanted strong, powerful women, he wanted the dancers to show their thighs, their asses, their breasts, the echo of their flesh swinging, and to be juicy, he wanted to see fresh, luscious flesh. As a female dancer, rarely receive such requests, most of them ……

Obviously, in the Barbie their understanding, itself is a “rule”. It is how to properly look at showing the beauty of the body, showing sexy. And she felt that the head of the “heterosexual male” (that is, sexual desire for women), more able to show the essence of the dance. She even proposed to the director herself: I want to ask you if you want to be naked. If you’re naked, you’ll see the boobs popping and everything I don’t want people to see.

Note, here. Barbie is talking about “do not want people to see everything”. The conflict between human nature shyness and the performance itself, she tried to challenge. In fact, in Israel, she was already a famous dancer, to dance naked to make a splash and win fame can not be necessary. But she challenged herself anyway. And it was performed in her hometown, which also made her friends and relatives are embarrassed to participate in …… but won more praise.

Secondly, it is the movement of the body. Human body movements are amplitude limits, then as a professional dancer, is bound to give themselves high-intensity training, so that the limbs can break the limits as much as possible, and the limb movement limits broken, the gestures presented are more rich and novel.

As in the film, Barbie training himself, is in a wall, constantly “pushing” the wall. Behind a group of people playing basketball, she seems a little strange, but has been so hard to push, as if to move the wall. Then, in the performance we saw later, she was “pushing the air”, but we could feel that she was really trying hard to push something away and move something, so that we could also think about: what is blocking us, blocking us? How hard do we try to push it away and move it? And then, can I push it away and move it?

And Barbie doesn’t just ask this of herself, she teaches her students this: So, this leg, backwards, yes! It feels like too much extension, you can’t help but turn around, and then the arm will pull you back. Then you’re on your own, usually about a 70% chance of success, I’ll hit my head three times out of ten, seven times not. But it won’t kill you.

This paragraph, sounds very humorous, but in fact also shows the challenges faced when training dance, a beautiful movement, in fact, may be hidden behind the “danger”!

In addition, there are often new discoveries in the exploration of body movements. Just like at the Jerusalem International Dance Week. Barbie was interviewed by a journalist.

Reporter: So this work started a year ago, initially as a six-minute piece. Then it became an hour long?

Barbie: It was an hour. I started to conceptualize the movement, and wow. It seemed like I was lifting something, but if it lasted, it started to look like an inverted movement, so I started to play with that. The movement itself stays the same, but the meaning or the content of it, it flips completely around.

Reporter: It’s gradual, right? The action starts, then it gets more and more intense, and then what happens.

Barbie: I want to pursue a point where I reach the point where …… no longer have the strength to hide.

Reporter: I am very impressed.

These words are well understood. It starts with playing with the action, a “lift” action, continue to do repeatedly, it will be like “put down”, the expression of the opposite meaning. And the pursuit of intense action, leaving no stone unturned, and ultimately will present the effect of “moving people”. In other words, dance, as a body language, can also present a philosophical exploration.

Finally, it is the emotional expression behind the language of dance. Barbie recalls her memories of learning to dance in this way.

My body training is “gaga” dance language, people often ask, the first “gaga” class will say: it feels like in the psychology. It feels like it’s all in your head, really. I threw up in my first “gaga” class. I had to leave the classroom to vomit or masturbate, etc. I just felt like something had to come out. I went up to the dance creator, Ohad, and asked, “Is this messing with my brain?” “Are you screwing me in my head?” “What the hell is going on?” “I’m only 21 years old, what do you want to do to me?” He said, “No, it’s just a physical reaction. The body will get used to it next.” Then I cured the eating disorder without seeing a psychiatrist. Enjoy the pleasure, enjoy the body, then give the body pleasure.

Obviously, Barbie was impressed with this memory of her schooling, but we may still be confused when we hear it. I looked it up, and Israeli choreographer Ohad Nahari (who was invited to China to perform his work “Ten Dances”) had this to say: GaGa technique, to a large extent, is like the philosophy we are talking about, it is an experiment, it is the way we train to strengthen and heal our bodies, it focuses on listening to the body of the self.

That is, through dance, to reveal the inner voice and rhythm, to give ourselves an emotional outlet, and the resulting mental relaxation and mood. It’s a bit like sweating through exercise, but it’s much more than that. So, the film is interspersed with Barbie and her boyfriend’s many problems, although they love each other, but her boyfriend is younger than she is, there were family problems; then Barbie wants to develop in the United States, her boyfriend can not follow; after Barbie wants to get married, and even wants to take the initiative to propose, but her boyfriend has his own excuses …… real life many problems, many Emotions, but also naturally flow in the dance, of course, life is not over, and Barbie herself in the dance to show a kind of “no end”.

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