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Armadillo You come with weapons and then you leave, and we’re here all the time


“Bullshit, where’s the security?”

“Do the Taliban move around?”

“They’ve got the place to themselves. How can you not know that? They’re everywhere.”

“Please tell us if you see anything.”

“We can’t work with you guys. You come here with weapons and then you leave, and we are here all the time. The Taliban will just hold on to us.”

So, dear, beloved, honorable, respected heads of international peacekeeping forces, do you hear me?

Peace? Where is the peace?

As long as there is poverty in this world, there will be wars.

People will go to war because of poverty, and so will the Taliban.

Whether it is a matter of survival or a matter of profit, pick up the barrel of a gun and aim it never at your own conscience, but at your fellow countrymen.

The film is not made by the world’s dominant American, not the economic powerhouse German director, it comes from the hands of the unknown Danes. From the point of view of a country whose cinematography, Hollywood production techniques, and influence in the film industry are not enough to boast of, we see war in a different form.

In addition, one more word, the film’s soundtrack is a masterpiece. It is low and solemn, desolate and cold.

The documentary format is often the best way to describe what reality looks like. Whether it is the farewell before the trip or the last night of sexual orgy, it bloody decodes people’s emotions, that thing called fear.

In this way, dilute the deep fear of waiting to go to the real battlefield.

It’s people who make mistakes, don’t they in battle?

Soldiers say, I think I was right, I did what I thought was the right thing to do at that moment.

What is death?

It is sometimes nothing more than a thin bone lying in a barren, muddy soil.

What does death mean?

The warrior’s greeting to his family in the open flatlands, the one about how are you? I’m fine, and you. Tell us that being safe and alive are the words our families want to hear most.

The soldier, in the silence of the night, lights a glimmer of light and remembers the poor innocent victims of the day’s fighting, the lament for the departed souls that flowed.

What the warrior kept emphasizing in his conversations with his beloved was the hope that I would return in two months, and the strong sense of responsibility for the great mission of staying alive.

So, armed with weapons you have come and then left, and we have been here all along. The deepest ones, all covered up.

“The most beautiful place I know is in the North, my friends, my home, my country.” At the end of the film, the two young soldiers look at this poem, and they will feel warm, I think.

We would too. I think the people of Afghanistan would, too.

War is never a barren and bleak thing. It’s Afghanistan again. Reminds me of Restrepo. Two war documentaries with almost the same concept, except that one of the main characters is the American army and the other is the Danish army. Obviously can feel the U.S. military lead and more investment. Denmark is, at best, a playboy. Interestingly, the two films appear in the case of farmers’ cattle were killed by the bomb, and farmers are door-to-door to ask for compensation. For this issue, the U.S. military approach is to pay only the same weight of grain, or get out; and the Danish army directly dumped bills. From this point on you can see that the U.S. Army is a veteran of this kind of war, and Denmark can really only come over to play for tickets. However, the recreation of the Danish army seems to be much more fulfilling than the American army. Danish men are more self-conscious, and the stripper send-off before the march is quite empowering. After doing patrol duties during the day, the group watches AV in the evening and then discusses together with reviews; or plays games online. The U.S. Army only a group of men fighting each other over and over, flirting to flirt, as if in addition to fighting is to get laid, ambiguous beyond compare.

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