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The Model The twists and turns of a fashion empire’s star

In a society where money empires are piled up, a girl is destined to fall into an unmanageable life spiral from the day she sets foot on a fashion model, she is destined to fall into an unmanageable life whirlpool The vortex. As presented in “The Neon Demon”.

Danish director Mads Mathewson’s Danish director Mads Mathewson’s Model (also known as The Beginning of a Fashion Empire Contract(2016), with its smooth, warm and cool colors and English dialogue, shows an international flair.

international Of course, the plot is slightly clichéd, but the appeal is unique to European cinema.

The film has its own charm, as it takes on the different tastes of Hollywood.

Emma, who claims to be 18 years old, travels from a small Danish town to the fashion capital of Paris.

What kind of sharpening, hardening and transformation has Emma undergone? This is another kind of fashionable northern drift in the EU.

She has to live with Sophia, a girl from Poland, in order to follow her dream.

The landlord is a lonely old man who drinks well.

Marcel, the owner of the BGT agency, tells Emma to relax. Photographer White also told her to express her emotions intimately and to be the kind of model that is close to her soul and will appeal to the audience.

The photographer also told her to express her emotions intimately and to be the kind of model that is close to the soul, which will attract the audience more. But the photographer was clearly not satisfied with her tender-hearted.

But the photographer was clearly not satisfied with her shyness under her tender mentality and wanted her to be more natural and not tense.

The photographer was clearly not satisfied with her shyness in her tender mind, and wanted her to be more natural and not tense. Sofia, who is also a model, has not been back to Poland for five years.

Her family did not understand her, and the relationship was strained. She takes Emma, who doesn’t know Paris well, to a lively nightclub.

She takes Emma, who is not familiar with Paris, to a lively nightclub and meets the photographer White.

Emma falls in love with this mature and handsome man. She pulls him into a hot.

She takes him for a dance, then kisses him passionately, and they fall in love. On the set, faced with the photographer’s.

Emma’s playful “fuck you” in the face of the photographer’s “instructions” made her stand out.

The two of them had a good time. The ensuing star looks bright, and she’s making a name for herself.

The next step in her career was to shoot the cover of Paris Fashion Bulletin, Harper’s Bazaar and other periodicals.

She was in love with him and had sex with him. But her dream.

But her dream was to walk the weekly fashion shows in Paris and endorse the famous brand Chanel.

To Emma’s surprise, Wyatt has a young daughter, Olivia, who She is a little girl, Olivia, and she is furious with her, and she calls her ugly.

But Wyatt loved her, and Emma didn’t mind. The interlude is that Emma is far

Frederik, her boyfriend in a small Danish town, parachuted in without saying hello to She was startled by the fact that she was in front of her eyes and what to do. After lovemaking, she still has to face.

with her new love affair. At the nightclub, Emma’s old and new boyfriends meet each other.

and Frederic witnessed Wyatt making out with Emma, making him.

The young man leaves in anger and gives her a chance to make a decision.

When the young man left in anger, he left her a note: “You still owe me 5000, transfer to my account immediately”, really a child’s play.

This also confirms the famous saying “Never surprise anyone easily”.

If you surprise someone, you risk hurting yourself. With this obstacle out of the way, Emma.

Emma could relax and have a good relationship with Wyatt. The sky is the limit.

It’s not clear if Wyatt is deliberately trying to test her or if Emma is.

I don’t know if it was Wyatt’s intention to test her or if Emma was too young and ignorant to handle it. That night Wyatt took Emma to a fashion party.

party, the host announced that male guests were required to kiss the female guest next to them.

It was a firm rule.

Oh, Emma was not arranged to sit with Wyatt, Emma only

Emma had to be embarrassed to take the trick. The bearded man said his name was Sebastien.

The bearded man said his name was Sebastien and he was Chanel’s fashion director, which was tempting enough, and said that the.The woman sitting with White was his former live-in girlfriend, Linda. This The pull and the sting hit Emma right in the heart.

She was on pins and needles in the room, but Wyatt was nowhere to be seen. She had to go down.

downstairs, still the same bearded man, Sebastian, who told her to get high and She says she’s never taken them before, but she still has to get high. He invites her to swim with him, of course.

He says that Chanel needs a fashion model like her, who can stand this.

She jumped into the water and splits with him.

The next morning, White came over and they were at each other’s throats.

He rushed downstairs and threw a few punches at the bearded man, then left her and drove off in his.

He left her in his car and ran away. She asked for his forgiveness, but he ignored it. Her star career was in.

Her star fell and she was stuck in her house feeling sorry for herself. She thought she was pregnant, bought a pregnancy test from a commercial.

bought a pregnancy test from the mall and rang Wyatt’s doorbell, saying she was pregnant.

She thought she was pregnant, bought a pregnancy test from the store, and rang Wyatt’s doorbell to say she was pregnant. He told her not to tell anyone because you were only 18.

No, I’m actually only 16. Oh my God, what the hell. A helpless Wyatt held her tightly.

The two of them were together again. On the streets of Paris, Emma’s red dress fluttered again.

red dress. But an unconcerned Emma is too pleased with herself and tells Sophia exactly what she.

She told Sophia that she thought she was pregnant, but she wasn’t. Now that Wyatt knew about it, he.

She was furious and told to get lost. Emma was so upset that she went back to the house and tore into Sofia.

The old landlord comforted Emma and gave her a glass of wine.

The old landlord comforted Emma and gave her a glass of wine to drink, and he gave Emma a taste of the power of alcohol.

She comes to the door of White’s little girl’s school, holding her anger, and claims that she will be picked up by.

She came to pick her up to go home, sitting on a street chair on the way, originally Emma wanted to kidnap her.

She looked uncomfortable and walked away. Emma, who returned to the house, was still called by the old man.

She said why do you always peep at my bath, asking him.

He was speechless and did not know how to answer. I’m not pretty. He shrugged his shoulders. When she.

went to sleep, the old man came up with the strength of alcohol and scared her so much that she couldn’t move ……

The result was very serious, she came to him who was sound asleep just after the event a few.

The result is very serious, she just finished that sound asleep on him to a few, completely confused she ran to the street trembling to tell the patrol, said.

She had killed someone. Under 17 years old, I do not know if it is sentenced in France, even if it is criminalized.But she was still in self-defense after the unlawful assault. The truth is that she got on the express train back to Denmark, back to the small town cozy home, the little girl.

The fact is that she got on the express train back to Denmark and returned to her cozy home in a small town, where the little girl had to go to Paris to find a crime.

I think people have a natural restlessness factor, people will not die unless they do. The former.

The two of them hugged each other. Immediately afterwards, I received a call from Paris.

I received a phone call from Marcel, the owner of Paris, saying that Chanel had specifically approached them and asked you to come and.

I thought you wouldn’t come, but I had to call you.

I don’t think you’ll come, but I had to give you a call to tell you.

What is this nonsense. At a loss and confused, Emma held the phone and froze.

Just dazed. The question of whether to stay or go was indeed a question. The painful memories would not be easily.

The painful memories don’t fade away easily. No one could give her the right answer, life Each has its own path. That’s the end of the film. She must be in the same mood as.

The weather in Paris is so misty that it is difficult to be sure of tomorrow’s sunshine.

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