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Vildspor I was eight years old.

The first thing you need to do is to look at Uncle Mac.When the film is barely finished, this side has been disconnected, transferred to the phone to watch, the player can not be external subtitles, see the last found not gay? Anyway, there is no bed scene, slightly regrettable, just finally finished watching the subtitles. After watching it, I understand, it’s another twisted film of love and want to kill each other ……

ossy and jimmy are not lovers?

ossy said I was with him for eight years, eight years always means something right.

jimmy said to his wife, he is an idiot I met in Thailand, we just stayed together for two days.

In fact, the cover-up is to care about it, if the two people’s feelings are mediocre, why bother to hide it.

jimmy confessed when he said he was afraid ossy told his wife he had killed someone before.

But I think the purpose of the whole play is to show the two people who are not talking about the relationship.

The beginning of jimmy thought ossy threw the sea when very nervous, two people in the water like children playing, also feel jimmy really happy ossy around.

ossy has always wanted to talk to ossy about his own death, but always find no opportunity.

At this time also think that Jimmy is very honest ah, by ossy forced to bring bad or something.

The whole thing started to turn sour when ossy went to Jimmy’s house for the first time.

jimmy said he didn’t want ossy to go because the family was nasty.

When ossy went, only to understand, you sister, who are you kidding? The happy family, ordinary but well-organized life, placed on the shelves of the family photos …… these exist so that he and jimmy’s once turned into a false history. No one remembers, no one inherits, it seems that you can see that history washed away by time, the details have faded, even the people involved are no longer willing to let him into their lives.

The second time he went to jimmy’s house, he accidentally spilled his medicine on the floor, consistent with jimmy thinking his son’s life was in danger. jimmy said very heavy words, saying he was nothing.

These gave ossy the urge to retaliate, so he blackmailed jimmy to help him sell the goods on hand. At the same time he switched the drugs, so that jimmy’s life into a crisis, his wife left with his son, he raised money without a way even tried to use a red plastic gun to rob a bank.

This time he saw ossy again, as always, without giving ossy a good look and told him to go to hell. ossy wanted to finish what he came to see him for, but suddenly realized there was no chance.

Perhaps not wanting to be hated by the only person he cares about, ossy stole money from a person who helped him and paid the debt for jimmy, who made up with his family.

When ossy saw jimmy for the last time, he finished what he wanted to say, hugged, and parted.

jimmy left a picture of ossy and finally faced his past honestly.

In ossy drove the plane to the sea before, leaving only a printed with jimmy in the first time to escape in various countries left the customs stamp of the passport, a lighter sent by jimmy, a packet of cigarettes with jimmy before leaving.

The plot is this.

After watching the feeling ossy is very confusing, but also very poor. If someone feels that jimmy is too determined perhaps will be more sympathetic to ossy. this dyed ADIS older boy, should be smaller than jimmy, the two went to drink when ossy said a sentence, are four years past, you still think I am not big enough. He has nothing, can not return to the motherland, relatives can not see each other, before losing his life, the only see is together eight years of friends. jimmy should be suddenly left him. And from the details that he kept the lighter sent by jimmy and so on, this man is very important to him. The most important thing is that you can’t be sure of what you’re doing. jimmy will return here, back to see the sea, see his life forever resting on that landscape.

We pity ossy, because in real life we are jimmy, young in order to save ossy and kill people, and then follow ossy together with the end of the world, living a chaotic and restless life. Then one day, suddenly one day, it realized that more in ossy side, they will always be decadent and confused, for life. The future looks chaotic and bleak. So, we say, must grow up, must mature, it’s time. Or maybe we say something else, like responsibility, like family, like filial piety, like the future …… In short, one day we go away, away from ossy, and all the chaos he represents.

ossy becomes a synonym for a past shame that cannot be mentioned. A floating nightmare.

When the nightmare came knocking at the door, everything exploded.

Fear replaced reason. jimmy’s every reaction was tinged with fear.

He couldn’t think about more than that, like why ossy looked so much thinner, why he had flown 14 hours to see him, what he had been trying to say by swallowing ……

Fear, fear of chaos returning to him again, so all he could do was hurt.

Hurt ossy, hurt his own wife’s feelings.

Maybe in the end ossy paid off the debt himself and stated he was dying when jimmy also realized the damage he had done to ossy. Perhaps also more clearly understand themselves.

When he put ossy’s picture on the table, I think he has forgiven the past.

About jimmy and ossy eight years of the past is how, the director did not say much.

I think it is not necessary to say much, in the heart of every viewer, there will be such a friend who once we were together, and then go further and further away, and finally no longer in contact. Each viewer will have a unique fond memory to fill the eight years of blank memories. May be just soak in the bar every day to drink a drunk, may have done, for example, plucking out the eyebrows and other silly things, may have also had intimate ambiguous actions …… whichever, are real, but also, for now, cruel.

ossy said jimmy had the same tattoo as him. But now it has been washed away by jimmy.

I think what washed away the tattoo is time. When the time passes, we can not recognize the original self it.

The film’s footage and what not is quite good, there are one or two places particularly like, the movie was shot in 98, that year, I was eight years old.

The film was shot in 98, the year I was eight years old. By now, my life, and more than one ossy.

To those friends who have disappeared forever in life, witnessed the me today.To this film, let me dare to admit the past.

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