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all about love,all for love A man proposes to the love of his life at his birthday dinner, only to discover that he is in love with another person, who is already married. This is a very “romantic” sounding story, but the movie has a new twist on the characterization, about a “gay man” who falls in love with a woman.The topic of homosexuality is being addressed by more and more people. When a movie is about same-sex love, what kind of perspective should we take? As society progresses, more and more people are accepting the controversial group of “homosexuals”. After the UK passed the proposal to legalize same-sex marriage, British Prime Minister David Cameron made the classic statement that “when lovers are separated by law, it is the law that needs to be changed”. But even so, for those who say they don’t discriminate against gays, can they really accept the gay community without hesitation and sincerity? I think many people still can’t do it. This is the result of a long-standing perception. When a movie is about “same-sex” love, the director will always deliberately emphasize the “gay” or “bisexual” identity of the main character, because these people are still vulnerable and need attention. The director will always deliberately emphasize the “gay” or “bisexual” identity of the main character, because these people are still vulnerable and need attention. But I think that if a movie is about love, it should be pure, it should be all about love, whether it happens between the same sex or the opposite sex, love is love, and it will not be degraded because of “sexual orientation”. Whether it is the audience or the director, we should interpret this love with a pure perspective.

The film is still good, although there is a conflict between “gay” and “straight” characters, but the director did not exaggerate the conflict on this basis, the film itself is always about the story of love. Jørgen’s character could have been a woman in this film. And I think there’s some cynicism in the film. If you’re both straight and suddenly one of the people around you falls in love with someone of the same sex, do you feel weird? But if you were both gay and suddenly one of the people around you fell in love with someone of the opposite sex, would you feel weird again? Jacob and Jørgen’s friends in the movie are experiencing the second situation. These friends give the answer to this question, or rather the director gives her opinion: it does feel weird, but it’s not primarily a matter of changing sexual orientation, but of betraying a loved one. After Jacob falls in love with the woman, their friends are blaming him, but not mainly because he loves women more than men, but more because he could betray Jørgen. There are many people who reject homosexuality, but on the contrary, these homosexuals know the meaning of love more because they are weak, and thus value it more. Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, what matters is not your sexual orientation, but whether you really know how to love and whether you can cherish love.

Before watching the movie, many people recommended the movie and said it was very interesting. Mads Mikkelsen is really good at handling various characters, and the most impressive is Troels Lyby’s one eye. This is a warm and touching love fiction, but the wedding at the turn of events look a little unclear, but here another point of view on love, although we like each other, appreciate each other, but does not prevent us to go after the real love of their own, all acts of love are for love, all for love.

The Scandinavian people are bold, and Denmark is the most open country, after watching this film, a glimpse of the spot. When watching the movie, I felt that these people are really open, friendly and kind, no wonder the happiness index in Denmark is so high.

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