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All About Anna Erotic, our youthfulness

I forgot how many erotic movies I’ve seen.The first is with a bunch of girlfriends on the carpet on the couch snuggled up together to watch. Remember to the details, YY will shout very loudly, pause, pause! We were laughing together. Then together with eyes wide open to see the details again, laughing at the penetrating shots inside.The first thing you need to do is to get to know the people you’re working with.

I remember my first kiss. How he did not believe that it was my first kiss, what can I say, I did not even argue, how can I say that we have so many naive and beautiful young girls, with a confused curiosity about sex, theoretical research from how to tongue kiss, to the later how to kj, how to burst the chrysanthemum, how to fountain.

YY never had a relationship, did not like a boy, she lives in her ideal country, she likes to study everything, history, tarot cards, metaphysics, and religious origins, the entertainment industry is right and wrong, she is always so passionate and indifferent to live in their own world.

I also forgot when I started to look at all porn, erotic films are used to, those that are not direct enough, not enough detail I think is unprofessional, only the scale in the eyes of others is excessive is disgusting shots, I feel normal.

Since the erotic, why cover up, the most natural shooting is good, no need to deliberately hide, and no need to deliberately expose.

And all about anna, I think this is a very natural and sincere film.

Isn’t that how feelings are, we love someone deeply, put ourselves into work, try to laugh, try to work, try to forget, but late at night we masturbate, moaning and stroking alone late at night, with the man we love so much in our eyes. It must have felt incredible before, but now I think it’s all just our normal physical reaction. We feel too lonely to reject a vicious man, but can not refuse a warm woman.

Sometimes I wonder what the division between day and night is, during the day, thinking of a person is his smile, is his an unconscious action, at night, thinking of is close to the kiss, caress, make love. It is not the night that we are rubbed into the black, just like rubbing into the deep loneliness and sadness, only the physical comfort can appease the mind not the restlessness.

I really think this film is really simple, sincere erotic film, feelings is not so, cried, dry tears, want to indulge to give up, want to work to fill themselves, want to stay, because of pride to leave, and finally go to the most familiar place with each other, and finally in the boat crazy sex. Embrace each other to sleep.

This film is not a so real sex erotic film, I love it all. How long can we think about a person with love, with the urge to have sex? Quite like anna reminiscence of their in the boat those concise shaking pure pure shot, quite like anna to those birds focused on the sketching of the expression, if it is in the street to meet such a girl, I should also be moved it.

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