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Perfect Sense The meaning of life is to hold you in your arms

Human aging begins at the age of 20.At age 20, brain cells begin to diminish year by year, and memory and coordination slip off their peak; at age 35, the natural aging process begins with a slow loss of breast tissue and fat, and bone loss; at age 40, the heart becomes less efficient at delivering blood, eye muscles loosen, and the ability to focus decreases; around age 55, most people experience age-related deafness; the senses of taste and smell begin to deteriorate at age 60; at age 75, the amount of blood filtered by the kidneys decreases to half that of age 30.

“Human beings are born to death, and all living matter is born to death. If you don’t see death you don’t experience life, you don’t know what it is to be sexy. This is the sentence in “Amber”, the first time I read it, I understood it, I just used a pen to draw a line under the words “born to death”.

When I was young, I liked to pretend to be deep, and after reading some books, I started to pretend to think about the meaning of life. Achieving the ideal is just a goal, can not be considered meaningful; and changing the world is too ambitious, not suitable for my generation of mediocrity; creating value is to do for others to see, can not get the actual enjoyment. After thinking about it, the only best answer to the meaning of life is to have children and reproduce. It’s a little disappointing to think that there are millions of humans on earth, and it’s not cost-effective to dedicate my life to the continuation of the race. But this matter, do not understand or just bury their heads in the life, and once realized, only to become a nun, in order not to feel aggrieved. To put it another way, the individual human life activity itself is disorderly and meaningless, like the countless atoms in the molecule, a lifetime of irregular movement, only put into the Earth as a large biosphere, in order to see the value of each person.

“On this planet there is darkness, light, men and women, food and restaurants, disease, work, and transportation, life as we take it for granted, and the world as we call it.”

So all of life’s gifts and punishments are gained so easily and lost so slowly that no one will deliberately cherish them. Anger, fear and blame are everywhere; we lash out at the beloved and demand justice from the unconnected. We waste what we have and covet what we don’t have. We are bored with affection and self-destructive in love.

But if one day everything feels gone, how will you spend the rest of your life?

Some say the film is a post-apocalyptic parable, but in fact it is better described as prophetic. Stories of death happen every day, cars on the road, sudden illnesses, unpredictable disasters that can cost a person his or her life at any time. And life is another slow death, we gradually lose our ability to think and act with agility, we age and dull until we are motionless. For every person, death is the end of his world.

We fell in love in a hurry before the end of the world, and still God was too kind to me to let me meet you. I have tasted the sweetness of your tongue and every inch of your skin before I lost my sense of taste, I still remember your seductive body scent and the faint smell of perfume behind my ears after my sense of smell has disappeared, we have enjoyed music together and I have listened to your intoxicating voice, which is the most delicate note in heaven, and my eyes have gazed deeply at you before darkness fell. That’s enough. Even if we lose all our senses from now on, I will spend the rest of my life holding you close to me.

A minute and a second are too long, a lifetime is too short.

The average life expectancy of Chinese people is 73 years, optimistically looking ahead plus rounding up, I have about fifty years to live. Fifty years is an insignificant amount of time for the human race, but it is five-sevenths of a person’s life. I have already spent twenty-one and a half years in making mistakes and obsessions, and that should be enough. My heart is still young, but the aging of my body has already begun, yet the person I am destined to pass on the rest of my life with is still on the way.

“No matter what happens, life still goes on. and so does love.”

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