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The Lego Movie See what Warner has been forced into

The theme of the film in the first half of the human world before the intervention, it seems to be discussing the dialectical relationship between order and individuality, and then when the human father and son characters come on the scene, the audience will find that the original LEGO concept of the dispute actually corresponds to the different attitudes of father and son to toys. So the final resolution of the conflict lies in the father’s understanding of his son, so to speak, or back to the eternal theme of Hollywood movies family and family love this above. From this point of view, this film and the recently released DreamWorks Animation “genius cobra” is also somewhat comparable, the two films between the father and son to bridge the gap between the scenes are moving. But compared to the “days” in the beginning of the clear-cut approach, this film is in the first half of the deliberately hidden the line of father-son bonding. This treatment is mainly to create the effect of reversal. But the film between father and son is the existence of a gap or mutual understanding, no matter what state, are conveying a message that everyone loves to play Lego, no matter how old. Of course, no matter what toy, the most fun time is always when you share it with your family and friends …… Well, playing with your family is not always so fun, such as the end of the only sound has been chilling little sister.

This movie can be said to be “front and back” lineup is very strong. Behind the scenes voice acting, go to see before knowing only Morgan Freeman with the Prophet and Will Ferrell with the villain, came back to the Internet to find so many familiar TV and film stars are involved. Morgan Freeman’s voice is very recognizable, even if you don’t know before watching it, you can immediately hear that it is him. Everyone in the film is desperately trying to be cute, and it’s hard to tell the difference between each of them. However, the Prophet and Batman are the two characters who have the strongest effect because their behavior is the most contrasting with their own image. In addition to this, in terms of the most difficult to identify the voice, I think it should be Liam Neeson with the police uncle, and good police bad police is actually a person with him. Other people with the role more or less inherited the character of the classic role they previously portrayed, and the uncle this absolutely let people never expected ah. If he were to play such a role, the audience would definitely have to shout “the medicine can’t stop!”

As for the so-called “front of the stage”, refers to the film’s guest appearances of various well-known characters. In addition to the main role of Batman, other members of the Justice League also made an appearance. The adulterous Superman and Green Lantern are actually Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, a pair of bad boy friends, while Wonder Woman’s voice actor is M’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Hill, of course, there is a glimpse of many people may not even notice the Flash, the 0.5 seconds of footage is really not even to talk about the sauce. Hands “Harry Potter”, “The Hobbit” series copyright Warner also inevitably have to let the film industry’s two most respected mage light a debut, and it seems to be the identity of the base, but also always by Morgan Freeman called the wrong name (a friend of mine Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies a also did not fall, and actually always thought Dumbledore and Gandalf is a person playing, see the role of the face (how strong the effect of the white beard for the increase of face blindness). Although it does not seem to have much to do with Warner, but is an important partner of LEGO Star Wars was also pulled in to molest some.

At that time, watching the trailer of the members of the Justice League, I was sighing in my heart: Warner is really forced by the comic book fans have no choice, ah, Marvel’s reunion 2 are going to come out, he has not yet a whole out, so can only think of such a curve to save the country, so that the Justice League in such a comical image first collection once. The Batman in this film as the second male can be said to be making every effort to self-destructive image, probably because Warner wants to take advantage of the opportunity to soften the image of Batman before Nolan to create too high and cold, or forced not the same, how to play happily with the other partners of the Justice League in the future.

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