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Blinkende lygter

This is a Danish film released in 2000. It is about four punks who got an ill-gotten fortune. Intended to escape to Spain, to escape the gangster’s pursuit. Unexpectedly halfway to an old house in the forest next to a village or town, Peter had a gunshot wound, and the car broke down. Tochley, the eldest brother of them, is in a dilemma. In desperation, he and the other three Stephen, Erne and Peter a plan, simply buy the house, open a restaurant, independent business. During this period, they in the second knife doctor Carl and brain-dead hunter Alfred’s help, after many trials and tribulations and embarrassment, finally run a far-famed restaurant.

Let’s start with the title of the film. The foreign name is Flickering Lights, which means “flickering lights”. It is the name of Tokely’s restaurant. Called us translated into “Flickering Wicked Heart”. I do not think this name is very relevant to the theme. The writer-director’s original intention was not to treat the four brothers as villains, but to appreciate their actions. Instead of letting us change it according to our own interpretation, it is better to use the original intention. This is also a respect for the original writer and director. Even if this is such a messy change, it may not win everyone’s eyes. English translation into Chinese is a very delicate matter, at least the original meaning to understand, to have a certain degree of knowledge and understanding of foreign culture, to achieve the letter of elegance. Not to understand two foreign words patting the head of a broad brush on it.

The film is a comedy. There are many humorous episodes and dialogues, from which we can see the character and mood of the Danish people. As in the West, the mark of success is usually defined as the acquisition of fame and fortune, and especially a rich life. Our concept here is also gradually converging with the West. Counting money from the sack every day has become a dream for many people. Of course, everyone wants to live a comfortable and wealthy life, but is this the only option and sign of success? It is doubtful. Second, the way to get the first bucket of gold. According to the view of the film’s writer and director, no matter what way, or even to rob and kill, to get the money is good. Of course, this is only a film for entertainment, may not be the Western public are in agreement. Perhaps the writer and director of the film do not realize that they have to take on the important task of “teaching and educating”. But in my opinion, there is a devil in many people’s hearts, and the film is ultimately educational and entertaining, and after a long period of exposure, the sleeping devil is slowly awakened. So as just said on the title of the film entanglement, we think it is evil things in their there may not feel evil, but rather feel normal. Just in real life there is a heart without guts.

The film has a few small details are very interesting. The doctor, Karl, all day long, alcohol does not leave the hand, to Peter’s wound is also to pour wine on the wound to finish. Also created his own method of burying beer in the mound. He told Peter from the bottom of his heart with deep emotion: “You can taste it. One day you take out a bottle, then take a sip, and then it’s like the gates of heaven open to you. The sadness is all gone. You feel so peaceful, like you’re in the land of bliss.” He is the soul teacher of the drinking world! What a true alcoholic.

The film has a scene like this. The newly opened restaurant counter, Tokely is busy, suddenly saw his ex-girlfriend with her boyfriend walked into the restaurant, suddenly excited, after a little embarrassment, rushed to hospitality, and ran to the back of the kitchen to tell his buddies: “Come up with the best wine. Please, help me out! Just help me one last time, do what you can. That’s the most important thing, right?” A moment later, an extremely generous table of dishes was served. Here was Tokely’s deep love and his unchanging love for his girlfriend. He knew that his girlfriend did not love him anymore and saw her boyfriend by her side. Tokely could not and did not expect to renew his old love, and he was not reflecting his tolerance and understanding for his girlfriend, nor was he trying to show his manly generosity. He just preserves the pure love and deep emotions for her.

In our place, usually say something “can’t be a lover can also be a friend” such a piece of soup words. In fact, including myself, I never think that the ex is still a friend. Regardless of how much joy and sorrow there is in the life of two people together, at least the breakup of this part of the heart is indifferent. Most people don’t want their ex to be better off than they were after the breakup. Some people even secretly hope that she is unlucky. Naturally, there are some people in order to reflect their own cultivation and tolerance, and occasionally give each other a blessing or something. In fact, this is his original intention? Is this not a kind of hypocrisy? In contrast, Tokely’s emotions are enviable and admirable. We are not as good as him.

At the end of the film, there is this voiceover: “I’ve been to more restaurants than most people, but here at Twinkle Lights, it’s the worst I’ve ever eaten. But even with the unhygienic cutlery, overcooked dishes and half-raw potatoes, I still gave the restaurant four stars.” This passage should be given some thought. We certainly want to enjoy good food and attentive service, but is that enough? In this materialistic era, we may prefer to be here to be a little more warm, a little more humane, to feel that sincere emotion between people.

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