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Kyss mig Fear is not about homosexuality, it’s about change

A very beautiful and delicate lesbian film, but I think the film is not limited to this, she describes the fear of change in the adult world.Once people come into the world, they touch their own experience, others teach them by example, and gradually form their own world view of life, teenage nonsense and nonsense, are the practice and revision of these views, others and themselves can forgive these words and actions, because it is called “not yet qualitative”, but adults – that is, “qualitative” – and then make changes, such as to themselves, to others. -But to make changes after adulthood – that is, to “qualify” – such as revising one’s views of oneself, of others, and of the world, involves enormous pressure, not to mention the reversal of one’s own ideas, of which homosexuality is but one extreme example. Homosexuality is but one extreme example of such change.

This change is also often referred to as a person not fully understanding themselves or others. In the movie, Mia thought she was not gay, thought she would not take off the wedding ring, thought her fiancé was not in a hurry to have children as she was, Frida had not fully come out of the shadow of finding out she was gay and breaking up with her fiancé, she found herself feeling more for Mia than her girlfriend Elin, who had previously thought cheating was a very bad thing. Elisabeth thought her husband Lasse did not discriminate against her daughter for being gay, Tim thought it was abnormal to get married and not have children right away  all these things.

This change is so unpredictable, after the initial shock, even adults are unable to cope, because this change often means the denial of part of the past life, part of their own denial, part of the denial of others, in addition, to face the eyes of others, especially the questioning of family and friends, and thereafter life and work will certainly be affected, may lose the most beloved friends and family. Ordinary people may also look at you with colored eyes, fear is natural, but due to fear and avoid the truth, or passive resistance, or strongly deny the irrational attitude, but also can not solve the problem at all, like the movie Lasse completely denied his daughter is gay, Tim pretended that he did not see his fiancée with another woman, Elisabeth angry accusations daughter and Mia together, Frida at first to his girlfriend to hide his love for another woman, Mia afraid of the eyes of others, both hope that the current life can continue, but also hope to secretly with Frida together …… and other kinds of escape from denial of blame are useless, since the change has been reached, and then want to return to the past life Mia found out that she was gay after really wanting to marry Tim and have a beautiful and happy family?

Since there is nowhere to run, we have to face openly, just like Frida has been engaged for 5 months, but finally broke off the engagement and girlfriend Elin together, now Mia is facing the same situation as Frida, how to choose? Of course it is not easy, it requires love, courage and sacrifice.

Feelings are fundamental, if there is no feeling everything can not start, love, family and friendship, only deep enough to withstand the years and personnel changes, Lasse love their daughters, Elisabeth also love their daughters, this feeling is not due to whether the daughter is gay and become lighter and shallower, the initial may not understand, and finally the two parents still stand by the side of their daughters.

Then there is the brave acceptance of the truth, the acknowledgement that the world is changing, that our knowledge of ourselves and of others is as shallow as ever, and that one day we will discover something new. Although it breaks the hearts of his children, Lasse can only admit that he and his ex-wife’s best friend have fallen in love, and even at 60 the two are getting married together. Frida realizes that her love for Mia is so strong that it exceeds that for her current girlfriend Elin, and that Mia is indeed in love with her stepmother’s daughter.

After accepting the truth is the necessary sacrifice, the old life is not sustainable, so you have to leave the baggage light, Frida lost Elin, her mother also blamed her, Mia not only lost her husband, work and social circle also collapsed, as she said herself, she has nothing, there will be nothing to fear, can fully follow their own heart’s desire to free their souls, Frida once before Frida has done it once before, and now it’s Mia’s turn to do it.

In the end, the film’s ending is good, in Mia and Frida both made great efforts and sacrifices, the lovers are finally married, but, as far as I see, can not be together, so what? At least a few people have released their souls reinvented their lives turned their lives around, which, it is enough.

PS:Frida’s eyes always with a smile and mischievous, blue pupils are really charming

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