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Hard Rain Robbery in a rainstorm, a twist

The rainstorm was pouring down until the end of the film; the flood waters rushed with a roar, running in one breath until the end. The film plot time all happened at night, the night of the rainstorm, banknote escort, robbers, police, citizens around more than three million banknotes, the intense story.

The most unforgettable thing is the constant rainstorm, which really did not stop for a moment. I found this film by chance when I was searching for “rain scene movies”, and immediately downloaded it to watch it after seeing Morgan Freeman in it. In less than a hundred minutes, along with the sound of rain, watching the flooding, the people in the film fighting to the death for money, the plot twists and turns, really nice.

Unfortunately, the tone of the film is a bit slow, making it unnerving. When the movie tells this typical “stage trinity” story with concentrated time, concentrated scenes, and concentrated story clues, it is not very smart to divide into three clues to tell the story in parallel, resulting in three heads are not concentrated, and need a lot of shots to figure out the logic of the three lines, so the main character is not the main, supporting characters play a lot, the whole The story is scattered, and for no reason diluted the good story that could have been highly focused and highly intense.

The movie tells the story of a small town in the United States of America, the night of heavy rain, flooding is coming, the town evacuated when a money truck is also nervous to transport out a local bank of three million bills. Just started to transport out when the rain is not yet very big, but many roads have a lot of water. A total of two money carriers, the old money carrier was careless and drove the car into a roadside ditch, causing it to stall and had to wait for help.

I never thought that a group of robbers were also thinking about the banknotes. They came in front of the stalled car, and one of the robbers fired indiscriminately, resulting in the death of the old money carrier.

The young money carrier rose to the occasion. He is the main character of the film, should have been around him to tell the story, but, as the plot advances, many characters into the plot, at this time, the director “roar” can not, so it is divided into “robbers looking for people looking for money, money carriers escape, the police search for the town to intervene in the case” Three parts, going hand in hand, the average force, all want to say clear, resulting in time-consuming and laborious, said are not ideal.

But overall, the film is still good, after all, the twists and turns of the storyline, unexpected reversals, is a very excellent structure. Plus Morgan Freeman’s performance is really high, so the film is upscale and worth watching.

Veteran actor Morgan Freeman never disappoints.

The flood is also the externalization of the endless desires of the human heart. In the torrential rain, the devil imprisoned in the human heart is instantly released, and the orderly town turns into the world of Shura, and the originally clear-cut border between good and evil becomes blurred and suspicious.

However, as the black man who often recites the Bible in the film implies, there is still the power of redemption in the chaos, which makes us grateful to the world in the darkness, still willing to believe, persevere and wait …… The town version of 2012, feel the director shot this very hard, right, the water so difficult to control, a one-time shot success, inside plus computer synthesis is unlikely. All are disasters, but the root of this bane is human greed! Fortunately, Freeman will not return empty-handed, bland in watching this film, must be exhausted director and soak in the water all day actor it. The white bearded old man wearing glasses in the episode of teaching his old partner is quite interesting, “Okay, I will listen to you in the future!

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